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Hi, I was diagnosed last year and have had many of the problems shared by members of this support group. Can anyone share this jaw tightening problem they have experienced, remedy, or anything else that has helped them. I am on methotraxate and many other meds, but other new symptoms are still creeping up. I am seeing my rheumy this week but would like to have more information from someone who has been there. Thank you for any input and suggestions that you may offer. Bev.

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I have that also! I have jaw pain and it does feel tighter at times. I did mention it to my SD Dr. and she said that I was having Fibromyalgia symptoms, and that it is coming from clinching my teeth while I'm sleep.

I am already on Lyrica which treats Fibro also, and she suggested visiting my dentist to get a mouth guard to sleep with.

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Your mouth opening gets smaller with Scleroderma. Keep exercising it.

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Thank You, I have been exercising my jaw, we even do it in my aerobics classes, but it is getting smaller and smaller.

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I have chronic neck pain/stiffness, jaw tightening and frequent headaches which are the result of the jaw tightening. I saw a TMJ specialist who fit me for a very expensive night guard that was designed to prevent me from clenching as well as pushing my lower jaw slightly forward when I sleep to open up the airway. It was helped quite a bit, although my neck is still stiff much of the time but the pain is mostly gone. Consider seeing a TMJ specialist as my regular dentist fit me with a standard night guard that did not address my specific needs. Your Rheumy might know of a good one or your dentist might have one to refer you to. This is a problem that can definitely be helped by the right piece of hard wear. Good luck

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I also have jaw tightening. I am having trouble swallowing and talking. I see a speech Path. She is wonderful. I have exercises to do and 3 weeks later I see a little improvement. It is not getting worse. I put moist heat on my neck (wrap around) and jaw.

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