Interstitial Lung Disease and Nebulizers

When I was hospitalized in August 2011 I was put on a nebulizer for pneumonia. I have used one off and on since then and was wondering if anyone else uses one too? I know people with COPD use them but I don't know of anyone else with Interstitial Lung Disease. I'm not sure if it is doing more harm than good. Can anyone advise me?

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I have ILD too and was put on a nebulizer when I had pneumonia, this was two years ago. My doctor told me to use it whenever I get congested or feel like I'm getting a cold. I've used it a few times over the winter months and it's always helped. I always report to the doctor's whenever I used it and they said it was fine. I feel it must help because I always get better instead of worse.

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it makes sense if you have a cold, but I have not seen an improvement for everyday breathing. I feel like it takes so much effort to breathe anyway, that I may be making it worse by coughing up all the gunk. I'm thinking of stopping for a while to see if my breathing improves.

Do you struggle to breathe all the time too? I know I have been on oxygen @ 2 litres since my hospitalization 24/7 and my thinking/memory has really improved. It's just that I haven't felt good enough to even go for walks, and I really need the exercise. At least it has stopped raining,snowing,hailing and is sunny again.

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My breathing is very stable during the day I only use 2 L of oxygen when I sleep but I am on Letairis for PAH and I think this helps too. I've not used the nebuilizer on a daily basis. I would consult with your doctor about what your experiencing, maybe something else is going on that is keeping you from improving.

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I use it numerous times a day for non-typical asthma, but I also have ILD. Ask your doctor.
Can you breathe better after using it? I also get alot of rib /lung pain when I don't use it often enough.
Techincally for ILD alone, It will not help, but if there are other problems, it can be great. It saved me many trips to ER.
It took them several yrs to figure out what was going on, because I don't have the normal asthma symptoms.

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