My cousin's 9 year old daughter has been diagnosed and the doctors have given up on her. They say she will die soon. However, the little girl lives in Cuba and they do not have the necessary resources to help her out.

Does anybody know any outreach scleroderma foundations that will travel to Cuba to help her or can possibly bring to the US for a surgery or for treatment?

PLEASE, please let me know. Our family is distraught ad we don't know where else to look.

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I am so sorry for your cousin's daughter and her situation. I do not have any specific information to help you, but I have found a few web sites that may be able to offer some advice. Perhaps at some sites, you can contact someone by phone to explain the situation and ask for help.

Hospital for Special Surgery is a major teaching hospital of the Weill Medical College of Cornell University. n_english.htm

I pray God's mercy on your whole family.


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Thank you so much.

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The US and Cuba do not have the best of relationships and it is unlikely that the Cuban Government will allow her to travel to the US?? However, the Canadian's do. Why not try contacting the Scleroderma Society of Canada for help?

Scleroderma Society of Canada
1240 Tara Drive
Ottawa, ON K2C 2H5
Phone (toll free) 1-866-279-0632
Fax (not toll free) 403-452-9125

Also try to contact one of the large pharmaceutical companies who might sponsor your cousin's daughter to receive treatment in Canada? Failing that, write to some of the more prominent newspaper editors in the Canadian press and draw attention to your trauma, I'm sure they will listen to you.

My prayers are with you and your whole family.
God Bless

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The Canadian society only offers moral support and are very small. However, the Quebec chapter which is a little bigger, is going to get back to me. I have left many messages and I will continue to contact all these organizations through email and phone. I am going to contact a doctor at my University who did some research on Scleroderma. Perhaps he can help, too. Thank you both for all the information. I truly feel like something can be done.

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Dear haidee92

Check out this website, I really Hope it Helps you and your family out.


Its a site which helps the chronically ill seek State sponsored insurance. I hope it helps :-) God bless!

"The Dreamer"

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