Has anyone had Endovascular laser venous ablation therapy

I was just diagnosed with a malfunctioning saphenous vein, where the vessels in the leg that are suppose to carry blood up back to the heart are allowing the blood to reflux (and go the wrong way) down towards the feet. It causes pooling of the blood in the legs and can lead to pain, swelling or heaviness, as well as superficial varicose veins. So far my symptoms are slight, but I know it won't go away by itself and since I am so active I think I will want the vein closed. My question is: Has anyone with crest or systemic scleroderma ever had this procedure. I know sclero affects the blood vessels and I don't want to do anything to aggravate them.

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Wow do I know about this! My husband is diabetic and started getting sores on his legs which had literally turned black. When he had a cardiologist appointment the doctor took one look at his legs and did the surgery the next week (he had a 3 month waiting period but on a scale of 1 to 6, my husband rated a 6). The proceedure was done in the doctors office (very high tech place) and Maxie was on a HIGH dose of Valium, Loratab and Benedryl. It took about an hour and a half and he walked out right after with no pain and no problems. They followed up 10 days later with an ultrasound to make sure blood was flowing like it should and all was great. 4 weeks after the first leg, they did the second and did a few little touch-ups on the first. It is amazing how daily his legs are getting to a normal color. He said they feel so much better and where they were numb he now has feeling again and it is good feeling, not bad. This surgery saved my husbands legs! While the doctor was doing the second leg he had 3 other doctors from Texas (we are in Louisiana) there to observe and learn the technique.

I realize you want to know how this works with an auto-immune problem and I don't know the answer to that but the surgery itself is so successful! Maxie will probably have another touch up surgery in a few months since his legs were so bad.

This was such an awesome surgery. If your rheumy thinks it is ok and you trust the doctor doing it, I would have it without any second thoughts!

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