Hair color and Prednisone

After being on Prednisone for just over a week I had my hair done. My stylist had been using that same brand on me (INEO) for quite some time. This was my first time having my hair colored while on the Prednisone though.

The next morning my head had swelled like a basketball. My forehead, the sides of my face and the back of my head were hard. Over the next week or so it seemed like fluid moved from those areas down my chest and abdomen until it eventually went away.

I have heard from one other person, a friend of my moms, who had the same issue.

I was wondering if others had this problem while on Prednisone and doing hair color. What has worked, what hasn't? Any idea what chemicals are causing this? I would like to find an alternative safer hair color but am not sure what to look for. I told my husband I'm ready to let it go a bohemian gray and wear a jaunty hat while it grows out but really am too young to be as gray as I am and would love to find an alternative.

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I've been on prednisone on and off for years for my gout,. I color my hair every 2 mths . My BFF has a license so we buy our color and do our self. Never have heard of anyone have a reaction while on pred. but there is always a first time.

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May I ask what brand you use and is it permanent/gray coverage?

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I am a hairdresser, and have many customers on Pregn. I have never heard of that happening. But, we are all unique.

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Maybe you are having a delayed reaction to the prednisone.

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Hi Julie, My eye caught your post. I have used the same colour product for 2years no problem, then suddenly started with a reaction at the back of my neck, as described by yourself, also my ears bright red and painful burning couldnt sleep on them, itching terrible, lumpy and hard skin..The skin actually pealed off my ears after 4 weeks of burning.It lasted 5 weeks, 2 weeks grace until I usually colour again. Strangely I am taking no medications at the moment, although am a Scleroderma sufferer. I changed my product and applied vasceline heavily around my neck ears and all adjoining face skin to the hair line, this helped greatly, a small reaction, but not nearly as bad. I am finding I am not tollerant of many products that didnt bother me in the past, moisturisers, perfumes, deoderants, washing up liquids, bleach, the list goas on and on. I have just put it down to part of the illness, my mother was the same.

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Lord, you never know what will happen at any time. I use Redkin products that my BFF gets because she does hair , etc. I did have some burning and itching only one time with the product. Right now I have a problem with my eyesight. I got new glasses in Nov,2010 because my distant vision was getting worse. A couple of months ago I could not see so great out of my new glasses and wondered if I needed to go back to the eye doc. Well, I ask the pharmacy to look at my meds to see if any one of them would cause changes to my vision. Sure enough the one drug I take for moisture for my mouth will interfer with my eyes. So now, what to do??? Its always something and I try to balance everything but getting tired of it and sometimes want to scream. So all I can do is keep on moving.

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My hairdresser uses a dye now that has very low Ammonia content and I think it is by CHI. She uses it on my because I am sensitive to many things and have eliminated lots of products from my home and replaced them with all natural products. I seem to be getting worse and have rashes now here and there but I think it all boils down to immune system and yes, all these drugs we have to take can cause all kind so things. I am freaking out because if I develop a sensitivity to hair dye then WHAT, eeeek, I can't do Gray yet so will have to cross that hurdle when I get there. It is frustrating and annlying and all of the things we don't want to deal with but it is here and you just keep looking for things to help and chnge and cure and bla bla bla, you know what I mean but stay away from whatever hair dye yo used last time. Etta

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I talked to my stylist. She is going to try Goldwell color next time. Thanks for all your responses. Interestingly enough, it turned into a pretty good conversation since she too is dealing with medical issues I was unaware of and we commiserated over how miserable Prednisone is. She is on it too right now.

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