Golpher's Vasculitis with limited scleroderma

Hi all. Once upon a time I posted a picture of the red itchy rash on my lower legs, that I get every time I go on vacation.

Well, I got it again yesterday, and it was even though I WAS wearing compression stockings, and even though there was NO air flight involved. What was I doing? Just walking out in the warm sun. And that's what ALL of my vacations have involved whenever I've had this rash. It seems to be the common denominator. Walking in hot/warm sun.

So today I did some more image searches and saw one that looked like it. Clicked on it. "Golpher's vasculitis." Did an image search for "Golpher's vasculitis" in quotes. Found a whole lot more images that look like what I get. So I read about "Golpher's vasculitis" and guess what - it occurs when walking out in the hot sun. Some people say it's itchy, and some people say it isn't. For me it's mildly itchy, and more so the worse it is. I also read that the potential for this is autoimmune. Ha! So what else is new?

So here's the image search results for "Golpher's vasculitis." The first couple rows of photos are the best representation of this, and the others may be other types of vasculitis. https://www.google.com/search?q=%22Golfer%27s+vasculitis%22&client=firefox- a&hs=Ufc&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=RJ3YUc _QMfOy0AGMhYGYAw&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw=1213&bih=566 .

I have the anticentromere antibodies, by the way. I'm wondering how many of our forum members also get this vasculitis when walking in the hot sun - and which antibodies you have, if you do get it.

And no, it's not cellulitis, and doesn't involve broken skin, insect bites, or direct exposure to the sun on the legs. I was wearing long jeans. My only sun exposure was to my face, neck and arms.

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Hello, I get it to, but its not from the sun. Mine is just pure vasculitis. It comes, and goes, and mine does not itch. I have Lupus so I stay away from the sun. Sorry, Cari :)

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Thanks for sharing this. I recently started having this. I also think mine might just be plain vasculitis...just walking around will trigger it. In air conditioned buildings, etc.

The hard part is the feeling of swelling and inflammation. For me, my legs just get heavy, full and painful.

Hope for controlling this is all I can send.

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...does it look similar to a heat rash? I get this type of thing EVERY time I go to Florida where the sun is more intense.

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MindySuzy, I know that some have compared this to a heat rash, but I think it has nothing to do with trapped sweat. It has more to do with irritated, dilated blood vessels. And yes, my legs get to feeling itchy, but also full and painful like TerriShar describes. Ibuprofen helps, and elevating the feet helps, so that the blood flows out of them better. I'm wondering if it's somehow related with my red soles. And I think both may be related to venous insufficiency - that is, vein valves in the legs that are incompetent as far as helping return blood from the legs. Some have said it may be related to Schamberg's disease, which does have to do with leaky leg valves, and pooling of blood in the lower legs (venous insufficiency).

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I have livedo reticularis which normally does not hurt or itch, but mine burns terribly on my knees, and now starting on my ebows. Livedo can be autoimmune related, vascular, or part of Sneddon's or Hughes syndrome. But I also get a photosensitive rash when in the sun - I live in Florida and like to get in the pool with my grandchildren, so I wear a shirt over my bathing suit and a big hat - sunscreen all over every day - sometimes still get that rash that looks like heat rash, but is not.

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Golpher's vasculitis appears on skin that's not even sun exposed. I was wearing long jeans when it occurred. The only sun exposure was on my face, neck and shoulders. Here's a photo that showed how it looked during my vacation to Yosemite last fall. And again, my legs were covered 100% by jeans. http://www.mdjunction.com/member/photos/89174?id=76818 .

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i have the same and i never go anywhere but i di\o notice it gets worse the more im up and on my feet. i asked my rheum and he said its vasculitis(the last time i ha it i had pneumonia for 4 months so naturally i was like man more antibiotics) and walked out the door. wow im glad there are so many smart sick as heck folks out there or i would be CLUELESS. thank for sharing.

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i have to correct my last post i din not walk out the doc did.

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i get it as well. I'm UCTD (no skin hardening:) and centromere positive.

It started over 10 years ago when i was hiking in Northern California. Over the years it happens whenever I am hiking or walking for a long time in the heat. When it gets really bad it goes all the way up my leg and sometimes I even get blotches on the stomach but the lower legs are always the worst. My GP said it was Urticaria and to take an antihistimine. It doesn't seem to help much. It doesn't itch much but is very uncomfortable. The redness lasts a number of days and slowly fades (if I don't keep walking about in the heat). Aloe vera takes a lot of the red away and then I see teeny tiny spots. It really helps to soak my feet and lower legs in cool water after. Not easy to do when your camping.

I've always wondered if it was urticaria or if vasculitis might be at play.

By the way, last year I started getting really hot, red feet and have times when I need to elevate them at night or I can't sleep as they 'pulsate'. Perhaps erythromelalgia??????? I've read your posts on this.

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Wow! This is exactly what happens to me. Is there anything we can do to avoid it? I'm going to read more about it. I get the rash and my legs are swollen and shiny

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I dont get a rash, but i do get quite a lot of swelling particularly in my feet. My feet look like elephant feet! I recently posted as the doctors thought i had a DVT, but it turns out it was the Amlodipine i was being prescribed for Raynauds. So back to square 1!

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By, the way, if you want to read more about exercise/heat-induced "golfer"s vasculitis, see this article: http://www.cutis.com/fileadmin/qhi_archive/ArticlePDF/CT/083060319.pdf . It's interesting that this article links this type of vasculitis not only with autoimmune disease, but also with liver inflammation. My 2007 PET scan showed liver inflammation, and the anticentromere antibodies are one of the big causes of liver cirrhosis.

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I get that rash on my lower legs but I thought it was irritation from scratching them, as I often do that in bed. Interesting.

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Kpm, for me this rash is indeed itchy, but it comes before I scratch, not after. It manifests after walking or standing awhile on a warm day. It never comes on with my legs elevated, as in bed or lounging around in my air conditioned home. And I never get this in the wintertime.

I almost always get it when I am on vacations, walking around on tours on warm days. This spring we went on vacation to Bar Harbor, and I didn't get it because it was cool there. That's the first vacation in years that I didn't get it, because generally we vacation in warm weather. Once it comes, it takes about a week to fade out.

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I use to get it a lot when I would walk during lunch time when it was very warm to hot. Mine did not itch that I remember. I do not have time to walk any more so I have not had it in a while.

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Hi Daisy,
My hands are red like this, some days it's really bright red others not as bad.
On the funny side.......I also have bad reynauds and recently I was in supermarket who had air con on cold, by the time I got to register, some of my fingers were totally dead white and my palms were bright red, the check out operators face was priceless when I turned my hands over to get my change. She nearly threw the money at my hands.
I will try and take photo of them for you.

Have a good day, Kim

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