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I have MCTD with gastroparesis. My GP symptoms are extreme nausea and epigastic pain, bloating and heartburn. I am usually able to control it by being careful with my diet. I have been prescribed Reglan but rarely take it because of the bad side effect profile. I began to have a full blown MCTD flare about 10 days ago with bad joint pain, muscle pain, GI symptoms etc. well for the last week the GI symptoms have taken the forefront with terrible nausea and pain from my stomach into my back and around my left side, and in my chest. I've started taking the Reglan again for the past few days and it's doing absolutely nothing. Tried to go back to liquids-- that's not helping either. Can't sleep because of pain and nausea. Living with heating pad around me. Called GI doc today and they got me in for tomorrow. Any fellow GP sufferers out there deal with pain as a GP symptom. Any advice?

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I am sure they will take a good look at you. I sometimes get horrible esophageal spasms. I have both diffuse esophageal spasms and also nutcracker esophagus. When I get a bad episode, it can feel like a heart attack. It does not last real long tho. It sounds like you really need to see the doc. It could be anything.

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I take amitriptlyne for gastroparesis pain and it has been a lifesaver for me. At high doses it's an antidepressant, but at small doses it's used for pain. I also take hyomax for the spasms as needed. I follow a "low residue" diet all the time. Hope you get relief soon! Hope the dr has answers for you!

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Thanks to both of you for your advice. I saw my GI doc today, she is being quite thorough in trying to find out for sure what is going on. Sent me to the lab for some bloodwork. CBC, CMP, sed rate, CRP, pancreatic enzymes. Doing an endoscopy on Thursday -- great Valentines Day date for hubby and I, wouldn't you say. Also want a CT scan of abdomen but has to wait to get insurance approval. In the meanwhile told me to continue taking omeprazole and reglan and start taking extra strength Tylenol. I tool one an hour ago and it is doing nothing yet? I'll let you know what the tests show. Thanks again.

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