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I am not currently diagnosed but I have a positive Scl-70 of level 6. I have some symptoms, but not the hallmark of raynauds. I am looking for a good doctor to help me sort out what I have. Can anyone recommend someone in Boston? We are near Brigham and Womens and Mass General. I hope to find someone is kind and supportive.


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I'm being seen by Dr. Michael York at Boston Medical Center. I also went to Jonathan Coblyn at Brigham and Women's, but he said that BMC is really the place that's on the "cutting edge" of research for Scleroderma. Good luck.

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Thank so much. I am very scared, so any help like this makes it easier.

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Dr. Simms @ Boston Medical Center. He is wonderful, very compassionate and up on current treatments for Scleroderma. Hope this helps.

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Boston University Medical Center is one of the best scleroderma centers in the world. I can't comment on anyone specific (I went to the late Dr. Korn), but you may get more info from the Scleroderma Foundation's New England Chapter -- based right outside of Boston. Good luck! You're in a good place for the best medical intervention.

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Dr.Simms at Boston Medical.Robert Sands at BWH at 75 Francis St. He's a Rheumtologist There the best of the vest. I live on Boston you can email me and we can talk my email address is pdean33

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I also see Dr. Simms at BMC. A very accomplished doctor and staff in the care of Scleroderma patients.

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