Fentanyl patch 50 mcg vs. oxycodone...HELP

Hi, I still have not filled in my profile.........but I will soon. Right now I am caught between 2 docs, to prec. my pain meds. my pc presc. fentanyl patch 50mcg. for 7 mts. now and already I am asking for break through pain. Had an appt. with my rhuemy, for 14 yrs. he is great! He told me he does not like the patch and would rather see me on oxycodone instead, so he talked to me and then he gave me a script for 25 mcg for two weeks and said it would ween me off of the patch and he would put me on oxycodone, because he thought I would have better control of my pain. I then talked to my pc of 30 yrs, and he is great too, And he said NO. because he thought the pills were too addictive. so he gave me a script for a 75mcg fentanyl. I have been on the internet most of the w/e to see what I could find, now I am really confused!!!!
So I will stay on the 50 mcg. till I decide, I will call the rhuemy and see what dose of oxy. he would put me on and call my gp and ask if he would also give me a small dose of oxys for breakthrough pain. I will discide after I talk to both. Has anyone else had this dilima? And what worked best for you! I would trueley appriciate and feed back I can get!!! BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL, FROM ABOVE, BEYOND AND BEFORE........Mary-Margaret........Namast'e all.....................Which in sanskript means, "The Spirit in me , Honors the Spirit in you!" I am a cert. yoga inst. as well as a REIKI lll MASTER, and many other holistic healing methods.{ and I apologize for not finding spellcheck)

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I was on BOTH fentanyl 50mcg AND oxycodone. Now I am on neither. I requested to go off. My entire autonomic nervous system shut down.

It is very, very hard to come off this stuff and you will need your doctor to help you go off of it, if that is what you decide. I never did well on the 'extended release' stuff. That is just as bad as the short term pills if not worse.

Look up paradoxical pain syndrome.

I was also on anti-anxiety meds which I also went off of.

The next question is....am I in pain? Yup....but not much more so than when I was on heavy duty stuff. A hydrocodone (vicodin) now and then takes the edge off...by now and then, I mean 2-3 times per week at most.

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Hi Mary Margaret,
You need to make sure all your doctor's know what drugs you are on. Fentanyl Patch and Oxycodone comes in different strength's the patch is changed every 72 hours. When you get your meds filled talk to the RPH at the pharmcy to check all the side affects you don't want to be dependent on them. Good Luck.

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If you decide to go off fentanyl, make sure the doc calculates the amount of oxycodone you need to make up for the fentanyl dose...or you will go thru a nasty withdrawal. Fentanyl is quite strong.

My nervous system was so shot and it seems I don't clear drugs normally. I was hideously constipated....I had slowed to a crawl....couldn't move, couldn't sleep, ugh.

This is a painful disease, so, every one has to find their own balance with it....I still struggle with pain control. Don't try to go off fentanyl cold turkey...ever! And make sure if you switch, that the doc is on board and you get the right dose of oxycodone.

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I would ask the doctors to talk to eachother. There is so much confusion in the medical system because of the business and complexity. It is important to know which doctor is in charge of prescribing pain medications- it should be one. I agree that having a pharmacist involved in checking for appropriate dosages and drug interactions is a good idea.

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Thank you all that responded! Both my rhuemy and pc have always been on the same page, except for that I have not yet got a call back from my rhuemy to disscuss what my pc has advised. When ever I have any procedure done, blood work, new meds, etc. I always have that doc send the results to the other. And I also bring my list of 12 meds that I take every day with me to the visits so they can just make a copy of it. I also carry a list in my wallet, a list is posted in my bedroom and on my fridge. every one should do that, even if tou are only one just one drug. It is vital for your family and EMTS just incase you ever had to call 911. Also, make sure you check and update it at least every 3 mts. or when a new drug has been added, and also add any OTC drugs that you may be taking, as well as any , AS PER NEEDED MEDS.

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Please don't take the oxycodone highly addictive. A friend was put on for pain management and had to go into rehab to get off it. His doctor had no idea of the impact and the addiction specialist that got him off it told him that most are not successful, Please do your research

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Hi mary i was on fentyl for awhile and it helped but i got really nervous because i watched my daughter take it when she had cancer and it seemed to be easier to get used to and she od'd and went psychotic. I got off and went to Lortabs which really helped for a long time. then we went to mscontin and i take 60mgs 2 times a day. it really helps and it its from the same family. I still take lortab only for bad breakthrough pain. I deliberated about the addiction issue but I have had pain for 20 years or more and they just started treating it when i had to have both hips replaced. i dont worry about the addiction problem anymore. i will have this problem no doubt for the rest of my life anyway. good luck paula

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I have been on the Fentyl patch for a year and a half. (I used to take Oxticoton). Quality of life is so important to me. I was on 100 mg (changed patch every two days) for a year, then asked my pain mgr to change me to 75 mg because of my concern over addiction issues. After aprox 6 mo, I am still on 75 mg and I'm in pain 24/7, but feel like I must learn to live w/the pain for fear of addiction to the patch. HOWEVER, my pain mgr has also recently given me samples of Voltaren Gell (brand prescription) which has helped me tremendously. It is Ibprobufrin only, but for me, works like a jewel on a localized area. I can tell when I need to change a Fentyl Patch - start sweating like a boxer! That really scares me. I want to be off that drug so badly. But for now, it definetely improves my quality of life. So what do you do?

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I am on fentenal patch also. Changed it every 2 days. My dr. just took me off it by telling me after one day take the patch off and take methadone every 12 hours and for extra pain use percocet.
I was afraid to do this but i was always tired with fentenal patch and after awhile still in pain and didn;t want to increase it. So far this is helpful for me.

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hey, I have lupus so I tried all the class three narcotics. the patch did nothing. I go addicted to the oxycontin and now I am on morphine. I stilll run out a week early and have to find some others from friends. Its soo hard. although, the morphine is less addicting than oxycontin anyday. you may try that

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Hi all, I don't post very often but read just about every day. With regard to pain I have been through it all! My dr started me on Vicoden, this being the easiest to tolerate and less addictive. However, after a time, that no longer worked. Over the years I have been on just about all of them. I have Fentynal 50m patches on hand if I need them. However, I am also prescribed Dalaudid 4mg. 1-2 pills every 4 hours I usually take 2 pills, 8 mgs. The Dr that oversees my pain meds, gives me 200 pills a month. However, I NEVER go through all of it. I, too, am terrified of becoming addicted to pain drugs. I grew up with an alcoholic for a Dad and was married to a drug addict for about 2 years. So I have seen first hand what drug addiction is and does to the person and all those that love them. To avoid taking the medication, I remain in bed most of the time. I only expend energy on things that make me happy and that I enjoy if at all possible. It's easier for me because my youngest daughter is 19 and capable of taking care of the house for me and loves to cook. Although my diet consists of mostly soups due to swollowing issues. I only take the pain meds if there is no choice and I have to function at some level. The pain is so severe that I can't function at all without medication for the pain. I understand all the fears you all have with addiction. My prevention to addiction is to avoid taking it unless there is no choice. So far, using this method, I have been able to NOT become addicted to any of the Narcotics that they have given me. Hope that helps.

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