esophagus stretched?

Those of you who have had their esophagus stretched....what was the procedure like, how often do you have to redo it, did it really help, is it done at the same time as an endoscopy?

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it does help, and it depends on the person and what meds they give you to help prevent this, but yes it is done during the endo, so you will not be awake, you might be alittle sore the next day, but it does really do wonders i think for improving swolling and chocking good luck, and there really nothing to worrie about.

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I also had it done. It did help and it was done over a year ago. It didn't bother me at all, but maybe mine wasn't as bad as some people.

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Just had my yearly one done myself. I have all of it done, including biopsys WHILE ASLEEP. Your throat just hurts afterwards for a few days..... It's better than choking at every meal.

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I've had them done many times in the last 20+ years and they definitely helped me. My doctor does them whenever I begin to have trouble swallowing. I've had them as close as a couple months apart and as far apart as 4 years. He uses the endoscopy scope to dilate the esophagus where it narrows. I'm put out with an IV of demerol and verced and that leaves my system fast enough that I've gone to work afterwards (you can't drive, but I just get dropped off at my desk job). You don't want to wait for it to get worse because that makes it tougher to dilate. It sounds much worse than it is. I don't even think that my throat is that sore afterwards. It's so much better than leaving the table to try to clear out the food that is backing up.

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I have had it done three times in two and a half years and it was really uneventful each time... not even a very sore throat afterwards. I was asleep for the procedure -- did biopsies and one time did my colonoscopy right afterwards.
It really helps!

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I've had it done once and it helped immediately. I had a slight sore throat for about a half a day and that was that. Its easy ...its done with the are out..Don't ever hesitate to have this done. You will feel so much better. My doc told me to just let him know when I have problems again...its been 3 years and just starting to have a bit but not in the esophogus yet so am waiting.

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