Has anyone had a EGD followed by a BRAVO? The EGD/BRAVO is a procedure where the doctor goes down your throat with a camera into your stomac and small intestine to look around, usually they will take some biopsies and in this case they ATTACHED and capsule (about an inch long) to the bottom side of my esphagus and I had a monitor to wear for 48 hours to monitor my PH and I had to keep a dairy of all indigestion syptoms.
If you had this procedure done...Could you feel the capsule and is so how long did it stay attached until being passed?
I think I can feel mine and it hurts my chest to burp swallow and eat. The pain seems to get better as the day goes on.

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Yes, I've had the EGD and BRAVO. It was uncomfortable until it came out, close to 48 hours. It felt like my esophagus was being pinched ever time I swallowed. Once it passes you should feel better. Good luck.

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My capsule was attached May 19th, 6 days ago. i was monitored for 48 hours. I'm having the same feelings today but not as bad. So maybe it didn't pass yet or There is something else going on. I will find out on Friday when I see the doctor.

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I had the Bravo capsule done and honestly I had no issues such as discomfort afterwards. Maybe your esophagus is a little irritated from the biopsy, etc., but if it continues I would call the GI doc.

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