Dimple like indentions on elbows knees and stomach

Does anyone know what is the cause of large dimple like indentions on knees, elbows etc. I first noticed one of these areas below my rib cage. I have this hallowed out area that my boyfriend thought was caused by an operation. I have recently noticed them on my elbows and knees as well. They look like giant dimples with no flesh between the skin and bones.

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Do you mind me asking are these skin areas hard or just changes in the muscles under the skin??

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They do feel hard to the touch but that is because there is no flesh or fat there and I am actually feeling the bone with only skin covering it.

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I have this also. It feels like there is no muscle and just skin on bone. I would like to know if this is how the disease progresses. My tendons feel tight also like a rubber band. Does anyone know if this is part of the symptoms? Thanks

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I've had scleroderma for 14 yrs. Had a very stressful winter that has seemed to kick start some disease progression. I told my husband that it feels like I am "losing my stuffing"! My hands are bony, I have no fat around my knees, my face is getting very thin, and I do have sunken areas like you mentioned. Very worrisome is that my tendons are getting tighter and are starting to hurt! I do believe that stress caused this flare-up. (We went thru bankruptcy and now foreclosure. Had to find homes for several of our beloved pets. A diagnosis of PAH and a bad reaction to the first med given sent me to the hospital for a couple of days! The list goes on...) Things are getting lot better now and we have a beautiful new home so I'm hoping the disease will settle down. I've learned to live in the moment but I also LOVE having things/events to look forward to! I sing a lot and find beauty in everything! My kids tell me I'm wierd! Ha ha! I love it!

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Lynnski......my symptoms sounds a lot like yours. My kids call me "bird hand". Partly, because I have 8 parakeets, but mostly because my hands look like a bird's foot. You have an upbeat outlook on life and sound so content. I always know when someone in our household is happy....they sing! Good for you for being weird.... my kids tell me the same thing and I know I'm marvelous!!

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