The psychiatrist I am seeing feels that 120 mg of Cymbalta
is too high of a dose. It works for me, for my Fibromyalgia
and depression. The literature I have googled does not lead me to believe any different. Please share your experience with this dosage. Maybe I need to find another
doctor (again!)


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Hi Tyijer - I am on Cymbalta at a dose of 60mg. once a day. Did a doctor put you on 120 mg. or did you up the dose on your own and found that it helped with your symptoms more than the lower dose? Just wondering why you can't continue at 120 if a doc originally prescribed it that way. Haven't done any research on the net to know what the range of dosing is. I'd be interested in others opinions on this. Memere

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I am on Cymbalta for depression and chronic pain from fibro and sclero. My internist had to up mine to 120 mg several years ago BUT I take one (60 mg) in the morning and one (60mg) at night. This works really good and keeps me on "keel". Don't understand why he doesn't want you to continue if that dosage is helping you. What is he proposing in place of reducing the dosage. Just wondering. Good luck and be sure to explain to him that the 60 mg dose does not keep you in balance. I had begun to have uncontrolled crying spells until my dose was upped.

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Thanks MamaRee,
I also take 60 mg a.m. and p.m. Psychiatrist cut this back last week to 90 mg taken once a day in a.m. When I told him the depression was back, he said that was impossible to know in 24 or 48 hours and it would take 3 weeks to feel any difference. I know my body and trust what it tells me. He also said the Cymbalta could be interfering with
getting Stage 4 sleep...but I have been on it for years and
don't think this is a problem. Bottom line - I do not trust
this guy!

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I took Cymbalta for the last couple of years. 60mgs am and 6omg in pm. It just quit working for me so my Rheumy put me on Prozac..... I can tell a difference in my depression, I hurt more but oh well. I really need to go see a psychiatrist...... I hold everything in and I get so discouraged, but I'm not one to share my problems..... i wish I would take the plunge and see one

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I don't think a psychiatrist can help you with the Fibro-that's one of our experience suggests you should stay on the Cymbalta and another antidepressant can be added for depression. Does this make sense to you?

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