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I am wondering if anyone can tell me about experiences with withdrawing from cellcept. I have been on cellcept for about 6 years and my dr is considering reducing my dosage. Also, any info on withdrawing from methotrexate too. Please include good and bad experiences. Thanks

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That's great news! About 9 months ago, we dropped the dose from 2000 mg to 1000 mg. I'm stable and have had no issues at all. Good luck!

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Dave stopped cold turkey in Mar after 2 years at 2000 mg a day. Also, no side effects.

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I took Cell-Cept for about 18mo...stopped cold turkey, and had no side affects! Good luck!

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Thanks for your input everyone. That is good to know!

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I was weaned on CellCept (250 to 1500mg) in May 2010 and after going to John Hopkins Scleroderma Ctr in Dec 2010, the doctor took me off the Cellcept because he thought it had something to do with my GI problems. When my doctors here at home found out, they weren't took happy. The time I was off the CellCept my hands started hurting again and I slowly started noticing other symptoms coming back. So my Rheum started weaning me back on again but on a faster pace 500 to 3000mg. While off the CellCept, how do you know that there isn't something going on in side your body that you aren't aware of, that is what my doctors were afraid of because once a sypmtom gets worse there is no turning back. Now I seem to be doing better but still have to be careful of my activities and STRESS levels and continuely get bloodwork done. I see my Rheumy every month and all my other doctors every 3-4 months. I also hae tests that have to be done yearly.

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05-11-2010, how long have you been off the Cellcept ?
I was off it for about 7 month and I had a very bad relapse that I felt the deterioration of my breathing only after 5-6 month.
I wish my doctors were as good as yours and not allowed me to get off it.

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