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I have had scleroderma with muscle involvement for 9 yrs now. I have been on cellcept for years but decided to quit yesterday. I am tired of feeling like a lifeless zombie and have an esophageal ulcer and a giant wound on my toe.
Any ways, any advice. I go to see my rhuemy in a couple of weeks to tell him and discuss possible alternatives.

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I am reluctant to post because I don't know the name of the newer drug that is similar to cellcept. I just had a checkup with my scleroderma specialist and he said he was going to contact my local rheumy to switch out the cellcept, but I can't remember the name of it and I am not due to see my Rheumy for another month. I do know that someone posted here a while ago about starting this drug and wanted to know if anyone else has tried it, maybe she will see your post and reply.

My thoughts are that maybe your Rheumy may know about it, if not tell him to look into it. My specialist is Dr. Shapiro in Albany New York, he is pictured first on the Scleroderma Foundation page http://www.scleroderma.org/medical/overview.shtm/
Your doctor can contact him if needed.

Good Luck,

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what kind of muscle involvement do you mean? I have been on cellcept for 3 months now and am curious about others side effects. I have not been able to explain my mental state to anyone since starting it. Maybe a cross between depression and fear? How long have you been on it? Other side effects?

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I had myosotis where the muscles basically attack themselves and breakdown. It was not from meds. Cellcept zapped my enthusiasm for life it made me into a zombie maybe it is weird state u spoke of its hard to describe I never thought of it as depression. It also makes wounds heal extremely slow. Hope this helps

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