Calcium deposits on the tip of toes ???

Has anyone ever got calcium deposits on the tip of the toes especially the the big toe ? The tip of both of my big toes have like a harden lump underneath the skin...prior to the lumps reaching this point the toes would often feel a little inflammed...kind like a touch of gout ?? I dont see my rheumatologist for a few weeks from now. Anybody hear of this or have the same problem ?

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ouch, I get something on the corner of my big toe nail area, It only happens in the winter time. I take a pill to knock it out and it helps. Right now I have some hardening under my right index nail and boy does it hurt seen the sclero doctor tomorrow. Make sure you let the doctor know.

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Hey Dreadmommie- I have had a lot of calcium deposits before. Never on my toes, mostly on my right arm. This is where my SD is most prominent. Most of the time they surface on their own (very painful) but, are a relief that they came out. A couple years ago, I had one surgically removed by a plastic surgeon. It was way too big and they had to cut on my actual SD area. It took a long time to heal but, was worth the release of the pain. Hope this helps.

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thanks for your input ladies

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hi dread..yes ma'am i get them on my big toes very painful my doc says its part of the raynauds which i am on meds for plus i use this cream called clotrimazole betamethasone when i get one i put this on it and it helps a lot..let me know wat ur doc tell u ive been gettting them for years i jus treat them like i do my fingers but thank god i dont get them that often.

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