Calcium Depoasits on my legs ( lumps)

The last year I have had (lumps) calcium deposits on my legs. ( shine to knee) recently they started to ITCH me.. like crazy. Has anyone had this same sympton?? Perhaps its just dry or?? I will be looking for a dermatolog that has some understanding of scleroderma within the next week or so, however, if anyone has had these symptoms, please let me know if anything has worked for you. thank you.

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I have bumps on my legs and last year my Scleroderma doctor took x-rays of both of my legs. I Have CREST, when the report came back I was told they are known as Calcinosis, they do hurt big time expecially if my socks or the bed clothes touches them. I was given a prescription which is called Desonide Cream 0.05%, I apply it twice daily and also was told when they start turning red to use it. I also use lotioin which does stop the itching. For bath soap I use Lever unscented the Vaseline type. Because these bumps are on my lower legs and right on the bone they can not operate.

Last week I had a foot doctor's appointment thinking I had bunions, x-rays were taken and the report indicated calcinosis also. Both feet by my little toe.

I hope this help some.

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Hi Annlee,

I have had soft tissue calcinosis over my knees and all over my feet and ankles. I do have some spots over by shin bone also. My doctor started me on colchicine, 3 years ago, for pain but mostly for inflamation around the calcinosis. That helped to some extent. i had a bad episode twwice with calification spots opening on my knees and then it spread all over my legs like celulitis. Required Er trip and then Incision and drainage surgery both times with hospitalization for more than a week. I would suggest keep a close Eye on your lumps, if you feel more pain than usual and any more inflammation or redness call your doctor.

As far as my feet are concerned It is very hard to walk barefeet or touch hard surfaces, I have no padding left on my feet so my podiatrist made custom orthotics to take pressure off those areas, it has helped me to walk and be more independent. There are always good days and bad days.

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Hi I just (in the last 6 months) have been getting the lumps under my skin. I have them in my legs and in my forearms and some on my hands. I had no idea the itching was related to that. i dont mean to not respond to your comments but by your question i learned a lot. i guess that is why were here. thank you paula

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I have just been to the vascular dr for another issue and when he examined the back of my left leg-the calf, he said wow you have some big lumps that must be calcium deposits from the scleroderma. Yes, they do itch, I had never put the two together, just thought the itching ws due to my tight skin from the scleroderma, I am going to ask my rheumatologist about it when I see him in July. I would be interested in knowing what lotion or cream would help the most for the itching.

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I have it all over my calves. Definitely keep an eye on them. When I develop open sores I put bag balm on them and I often put bag balm on my calves when I go to bed.
The time has come for you not to use those nice perfumed lotions on your legs..or anywher. Get lotion and soap like lever, cetephil..I now use Burt's Bees products and I like them.
Another thing I suggest is if you are up to it, try a gluten free diet. I did and within three days a lot of sclero symptoms subsided or got better and my cal deposits on my legs got better. The open sores disappeared within 2 weeks, the itching stopped and the number of deposits dimensioned considerably. I used to be embarrassed to wear even capris, now it isn't noticeable to the generral public.
Hope all this helps.

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