blood taste in mouth?

Over the last few months I will intermittently experience a strange blood-like taste in my mouth particularly when exhaling. There is no blood or anything like that so it's not literally bleeding, just a funny aftertaste that came on suddenly and now comes and goes. It's not coming from my mouth and does not seem to be coming from my sinuses and it's much more noticeable on the exhale. It's not changing the smell of my breath either just a funky flavor.

Does anyone else experience this and does anyone have any idea what this might be and what might be causing this???

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Hey Jen,
There's been a lot of chatter about the mouth and strange feelings and taste going on in the forum during the past week or so. See if you can find those discussions. There are a lot of us that seem to have these strange mouth problems.
I have a taste in my raw mouth that is kind of like a metallic taste and yes, I guess it could be described as the taste of blood.
I don't have the answers but I do have the problem.

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I agree with ksb. I get a metallic taste in my mouth too. Maybe what you are experiencing is a metallic taste, that could explain why you think you are tasting blood. Blood has iron in it and tastes similar. The metallic taste could have something to do with liver function. It's always a good idea to report new symptoms to a doc, (however weird). :)

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Hi Girls;
My doctor told me that metallic taste was from the meds I was taking.When I stopped them it took a week or so before it went away so I guess she was right.
Lynne C.

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I guess it could be metallic. It's kind of a really odd taste, not totally metallic nor really fish-like, and the closest thing I could compare it to was blood. But it has tinges of a few flavors in it.

Now I see some of the other posts on mouth, taste and the tongue. I don't seem to be having any mouth issues or tongue issues, nor is my taste being effected at this time. but I will on occasion have a cluster swollen/ inflamed taste buds which hurt like hell for a couple of days and then are fine.

I will see my Dr. next week and discuss this new symptom with him and then see what he thinks might be a cause.

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For the last 6 years I get this horrid taste that I would liken to blood, although it will only last for a minute or so.
Also 6 years ago I had a tumor taken out of my throat.
So I associated it to that although in the last 3 years I was dx'd with "watermelon stomach" which is a bleed in the stomach.
The blood is possibly coming up with the acids (??)
Do you have digestive or stomach problems?
Just a thought.

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i too have this problem. seems to happen after a night of gerd. my dogs key in on this quickly. i could be wrong, but, there seems to be a connection between this "blood" or metalic taste after a gerd experience.

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it actually could be gerd, I haven't been taking my Dexilant, because it's ridiculously expensive and my acid reflux would come in episodes and then go away for a few months. I'm not sure it if it is acid reflux related but I think I will schedule an appt. with the GI Dr. just to be sure... Good thought.

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