Groin shaved for ablation?

Can someone tell me if your groin is shaved prior to a cardiac ablation?

I had a traumatic experience years ago when having a cardiac cath. A young nurse had to shave me and I didn't like it at all. If they had just told me I needed to be completely shaved, I would have done it myself!!! As it was, they wouldn't let me do it myself in the hospital and I was traumatized!

I had another cath a year ago and was not shaved at all.

I asked my doctor's nurse about it, who was clueless. I am not feeling the clueless nurses at all!

My inclination is to shave myself, just to be sure. But I wanted to know if anyone had any knowledge about it. Thanks!

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I was given a mohawk :-) for my ablation and caths.

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Hi Hawaii Diva,

My daughter is recovering from an ablation last Wednesday. You need to be shaved, not necessarily a brazillian, but as south127 says, at least a mohawk!!

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Mohawk is what I got at the Mayo Clinic and they did it while knocking me out. It was a breeze getting rid of AFIB is a big plus.

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The first two times, I was shaved after being put under - so didn't feel a thing. This last time, she did it while I was awake, and it was ok, but I'm beyond "show and tell" so it seemed uncomfortable to me :( I can't imaging how they could do the ablation without shaving first since I'd think that the hair could cause an infetection. I had lots of benedine on me - which does not come off easily - and my neck is finally starting to look normal, since I was told not to use lotion on the incesion so I was really looking my age :(

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Hi everyone!

I have decided against having the ablation this Friday. The reason is, I am not totally confident in the doctor. He may be absolutely wonderful and more than competent, but he doesn't give me a warm feeling or inspire confidence that I am in capable and caring hands. Nothing he has done, more of what he has not done.

That said, I found a group of physicians who specialize in heart rhythm problems. They are located in Austin, Texas, and if all goes well I will travel there in the next couple of weeks to have a consult and possibly the ablation at that time as well. The doctor I've been referred to is supposedly an expert in ridding patients of ventricular pvcs, and I am excited about meeting him. I've done a lot of research on him and on the hospital (Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute) and I plan to cancel my ablation that was scheduled for this Friday and get to see this new doctor soon.

Even if I wasn't able to get to Austin for the procedure, I would still cancel with this doctor on Friday. I have learned to follow my heart when it comes to things like this, and if I don't have a positive feeling about someone, or if I have reservations, then it's best to find someone else. Thanks to all who responded. I appreciate you!

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