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Hi. Does anyone know if you can take icool along with bio- identical progesterone and bi-gest? I took icool alone for my hot flashes and it worked great . Then my Dr. perscribed bio identical hrt. He told me to stop the icool. I stopped the icool for three months and have been on what he prescribed. The icool alone helped my symptoms about 80%. The bio-identical hormones have helped about only 50%. I would love to take both,but my doctor says he doesn't know anything about icool and advises against it.

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I stopped taking I-cool when I was able to go back on my hormones. If the i-cool works better than the HRT why not just take the i-cool. If the hormones were going to help all the way you should have had relief after the first month. I'm only 2 weeks into my HRT again so I have about another two weeks for the hot flashes to be gone from past experience. I don't know if you can do both but If it were me I would not take both.

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I would like to take both because of the other benefits Hrt is supossed to have. But if I have to choose, I will go back to I cool. I felt so much better with that. I just wonder if it's really safe. Thank you for you reply.

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What other benefit have you been told that HRT has besides helping hot flashes and possibly bone health? they use to say it was good for almost everything but now what I have read is that it may cause strokes, breast cancer, and possible heart problems..I was also on HRT and got off it for those reasons plus the progestrone part of it was making my moods worse..I was on estrodial patch and prometrium for 12 days month..right now at age 60 I am on the I-Cool which is helping greatly..I haven`t read about any adverse side effects for it..If I were you I wouldn`t take both..hope this helps..I know sometimes its hard to know what to do..

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I meant bio-identical hrt. I was told the bio-identical hrt only had the benefits but no side- effects like the ones you listed. I was under the understanding that premerin and provera had those problems. I just stopped the Bi-est and started the icool again with the natural progesterone but not the bi-est. I like the natural progesterone because it does help me sleep. I usually sleep through the night without a major hot flash just a little warm sometimes. I would like to take all three but I hope the icool and the natural progesterone is ok to take since I just stated doing that a few days ago. I'm just so unsure what to do and my Dr.just wants me to stop icool and take the Bi-est and natural progesterone maybe cuz he sells it.

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What kind of Dr. do you have that sells meds? I read a study that the bioidenticals protect the heart and arteries and the other makes them worse. And I was on an I-cool site and someone was talking about how much stomach problems it gave her. That may be the cause of all my pain I had in my stomach. I went off it. I think it made my face break out too. That cleared up when I went off it also.

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