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for those who know and have missed my wife, she has been in neurological critical care for 5 days. We went out of state for thanksgiving and things got bad. But she should be discharged soon. Unfortunately we will adjust to a new level of normal. Her AI diseases have made her pulse rate and breathing unpredictable. During her seizure/spasms and after them she stops breathing. It appears that her brain is not telling her lungs to breath. It is kind of like apnea but she is conscious and unable to move. Additionally her heart rate has dropped to about 42 on occasion. These events are not regular but occur more than we would like. We will be heading home in a couple days and then to the our own Dr. We will be using a on a bipap to keep her oxygenating during the times when she is not breathing. It is our hope that it will go well. she or i will update you soon.

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Hi ofl - sorry to hear about your wife's progression. I wish you both all the best and lots of peace and happiness once you are back home in familiar and safe surroundings. Cheers Judiff :)

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