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My husband has an autoimmune disorder (VGKC Antibody Syndrome). Our most recent crisis is that he seems unable to stay awake. Doctors have done the "musical chairs" thing to see if it is meds related, but it doesn't seem to be, so must be the disorder.

Here is the problem: sitting, standing or leaning on his cain he dozes off and wham! There he goes. He is covered with scrapes, bruises, broke his nose, etc. and we are becoming really fearful of the possible injuries. I know a lot of you would recommend he stay in bed, wheelchair, etc., but the problem is he will fall off the bed, out of the chair or just while standing as he stands up to walk across the room and down he goes.

Any recommendations?

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I would imagine that your husband has narcoplasy. His doctor should know about this disease. It can be treated but I'm not sure what the meds are. A neighbor of mine many years ago had it. Hope this helps.


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i can't add anything about your husbands disease, but as for keeping him from falling, it seems as if he needs
a hospital bed with rising metal bars. if insurance won't cover that then i think something make-shift would work. such as surrounding the sides of the bed with anything (chairs, small end tables) actually the best thing is a belt that they sell in pharmacies. its designed to be used in chairs and i think beds too. it goes around the chair back and around the waist of the patient. ask a pharmacist how to solve this problem, i' m sure they'll be more helpful that even the dr. good luck

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