throbbing pain upper right ribs

This pain began Dec.last year.First of all: I have had the following tests with no diagnosis:
3 different gall bladder tests, Cat scan, Mri-CT, upper GI series, Camera scope-upper and lower.Dr and surgeon say "Must be musko-skeletal."The pain will appear for no apparent reason,sometimes shortly after rising from sleep,sometimes in the middle of the day.It may last a few hours or a few days.It may disappear for a day or two or two weeks.It is between the last upper,back, right, ribs .It is a throb,which is not in time with heartbeat,breathing,or anything else.It does not seem to be associated with eating either. I have not found any pain reliever that helps,including Vicodin.It is like a burning throb.Any information offered would be a blessing. Thanks,Jerry

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Has any DR. checked your liver? Since your liver is located right under your right breast in the rib area it makes me wonder. Have you felt any pain in the lower abdomen during one of these episodes? My brother had liver disease and his pain started a little at a time. Later he had severe back pain. Sadly enough he did not follow through with medical attention and after a year he found out his disease had spread to his kidneys. He was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He passed away. I don't want to scare you but I so wish he had found out sooner what was really going on. Do not stop looking for answers. Did you try a google search such as Ribs+pain+back. Have they checked your lungs checked? Maybe you should get a lung xray. Since it could be either or, don't stop trying to get answers. Good Luck

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