Tarlov Cysts

I have three Tarlov Cysts wrapped around my spinal cord in three different locations in my back. So far, no one will touch them. I have lost my job, am in financial distress, and am looking for anyone who has this issue and if there is anyone that deals with this. I am very limited as to what I can do and am just managing pain right now. Does anyone know any doctors that know anything about Tarlov Cysts??

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Google: Dr Delong at Jon Hopkins.

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Thank you so much!!

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The Tarlov cyst foundation has a website and one of the areas is 'find a doctor'. There are only a few. My neurosurgeon in Charleston, SC sent me to Dr. Fraser Henderson in Chevy Chase, MD. You can google Metropolitan Neurosurgery Group. He has persons from all over the world. My Tarlov cysts turned out to be more complicated meningoceles and I was SO glad to be in the hands of one of the best.

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You tube: Dr. Frank Feigenbaum for Tarlov Cysts. He is another Tarlov Cysts literate doctor. I have researched this subject in detail. There are not many doctors that are proficient in this treatment.

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Thank you everyone for this valuable information!!

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Dr. Schrot is going into private practice next month, but he has been with U.C. Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA up until this month. He performed my surgery and I would highly recommend him!

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