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Thanks for all of the information and support from those living w/Tarlov Cysts. I have an appt. with one of the qualified doctors discussed on this site. I'm very nervous about the prospect of another surgery. My nerve damage/chronic pain/tarlov cysts were the result of a surgery I had about 15 yrs. ago. You might call it an overly generous parting gift.

I'm concerned with the same issues as all. I recently read that one of the very qualified specialists has more than a few lawsuits filed against him. Has anyone else heard about litigation issues with these doctors? Thanks for your input. I'm not attacking or accusing, simply trying to do my homework and get all available info. Best wishes to all who are challenged on a daily basis. Michele

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hello sorry but i missed this discussion, I started one asking about finding a dr in canada..could you assist? Did you get information regarding docs in Canada that understand and treat Tarlov Cysts?

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Hello my name is Stacey about your question you can check any Dr s background for free it's public information. Just go on the Dr website. There's generally information about the Dr and any discipline action taken. Hope this helps

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I do not have any information about Tarlov Cyst docs. You may want to contact the Tarlov Cyst Foundation. There is a woman named Reta who can provide you with a lot of answers. Best of luck to you. michele

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Thanks for your feedback. I have done searches on many doctors, but never felt satisfied with the info. published. I'll continue to search for answers. Best to you & thanks for your help. michele

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If you're looking at a particular surgeon you can go to the local courthouse and see how many suits have been brought against him. Only too late did I find out that a particular foot surgeon had three times the average number of suits. Everyone should do this before they have surgery.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sorry that you weren't able to find out all of the legal info. on your doctor prior to your surgery and hope you are going to be okay. i'm not in the same state as the doctor that I'll be seeing. He has rave reviews from patients.....which is good. However, because of my past experience, I am nervous about all docs. and surgeries. There must be a way to do our due diligence and protect ourselves. I will continue to search, but don't feel that it should be so difficult. We do have the right to know and the medical community should be more helpful without putting up a protective shield. I just don't get it. Best of luck to you. michele

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I am 12 days post tetherd cord release surgery and Tarlov cyst surgery wit Dr. Fraser Henderson. His surgical procedure is the right one. Some other surgeons have their own ways to treat these and they do not all respond as well. As it turned out my Tarlov cysts were the more complicated kind that have direct communication with the spinal fluid in the thecal sac and thankfully he knew what and what not to do. He has no suits against him and is a most amazing doctor. I will say that the dos and don'ts following surgery are of utmost importance in order to minimize the risk of any post surgical complications. Some are hard but a good patient will do as told. I can see where someone could have a bad experience if not following directions... you know some people just think they know best .

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Your suggestion to go to the courthouse is useless if one cannot walk! There are several sites on the internet you can check. Also, some States have this information on their web site.

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Hi mdmorgan,

I highly recommend doing a google search of "doctor ratings" or "doctor reviews" and from there you'll find out what other people have to say about any doctors you're planning on visiting, or you can just google search their name, and everything should come up there too. Usually there's a star rating for lots of aspects of the visit, but the most important ratings are "spends time with me" or "has compassion". Even if it takes a long time to wait in the office, or the front desk is less than courteous, you really need to find a knowledgeable, understanding, compassionate doctor because this particular condition seems to be generally unknown to most doctors. Hope this helps. Keep us posted on your progress!


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