sudden violent vomiting and no answers

Hi All,
I am writing for my husband to see if anyone can give us any direction to go. He had this violent vomiting in July 07 and they said after an ENG that he had a small ulcer and they did a repeat ENG in Sept 07 and said it was healed. This happened again this past week, we spend all day in the ER and they did an xray said there was no blood in the abdomen. They were releasing us with Zofran, Protonix and Ativan and said to contact PCP it would stop on its own. He vomited for 4 more days and they finally did a gall bladder test which came out fine. He saw the dr yesterdaya and he told them if they can't find what is wrong he can't have this continue to happen he will loose his job soon. He is right now off because of carpal tunnel syndrome surgery and dupaytrans contracture surgery on Right hand and will be having left hand done in a couple of weeks. We need help he is our only means of support because I am severley disabled with Tarlovs cyst disease and other back problems and am going to be having surgery asap: waitng on my back pay for my disability to afford the trip. I have insurance but the trip to get to Kansas City to see Dr. F. costs quite a bit. I f there is anyone out there that has any idea what could be causing his vomiting and give us a direction to pursue we would greatly appreciate it. My health is what it is and That is just a matter of time to get to Kansas but at this point my walking or driving is almost impossible. Thanks for any help anyone can give us.

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Hello Distressed,

There are many different causes of the symptoms that you describe. One that resembles your discription is that of Cyclic Vomiting.
I will add a link with details of this, in the hope that it might assist you


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I am sorry to hear about your situation... I would suggest contacting Dr. Edward Feldman at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and asking him to review your husband's case. He wrote the books on gastroenterology, and he's a wonderful person too.

Lorazepam works well for many people in controlling nausea...

I'm sure they've already told you this but he runs the risk of getting very dehydrated and losing important electrolytes like potassium and magnesium. I would suggest drinking a lot of Pedialyte and eating two bananas a day if he can.

Rather than your husband losing his job, can he go on short-term disability, or a leave of absence, so he can come back when he is better? Or reduce his hours?

Please let us all know how things go...

Caring Counterparts

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Please make someone take you seriously!! I suffered with cyclic vomiting syndrome that took 3 years to diagnosis. Look this up on the internet. See if it sounds like it fits. I hd to go to Cleveland Clinic to be confirmed with this diagnosis. It is hard to find a doctoror who has even heard of it less know how to treat it. Good luck!

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Sphincter of oddi dysfunction is another possible cause. Rare but easy to dx if you know what you are looking for and usually pretty treatable.

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