Severe Bone and Muscle Pain all over body

What started out being just tailbone pain 6 months ago has now turned into severe bone and muscle pains all over my 10 year old son's entire body. When he is in pain his legs will actually give out and he has now began to fall down if someone is not there to catch him. He doesn't even want anyone to touch him because it causes him pain. He has been to the ER quite a few times now and has been given Morphine for the pain since, nothing else was helping. He also, started to look very tired and exhausted about 2 months ago. The doctors have done a complete body bone scan, brain scan and all kinds of blood test, but all of them have come back normal. He has a sleep study scheduled on the 15th of this month. I know that this is not just in his head because on the nights that he falls asleep in pain if you touch him he will start crying in his sleep saying that it hurts. Please if anyone out there has a diagnosis for these pains or knows of a test that the doctor should do let me know. My son needs your help!

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Have they checked his parathyroid function. Sometimes when the parathyroid is out of whack it produces too much calcium in the blood which then causes bone and muscle pain. It is a problem I have suffered from myself.

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The doctors have not tested his parathyroid, but I sure will ask them to test it today at his appointment. Thanks so much for your reply.

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You're welcome, let me know how it goes.

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Check out cauda-equina syndrome. It is rare but a lot of what you are saying sounds familiar. Also have they entertained the idea of chiari-malformation? You say they have done scans, so they probably have ruled this out. When the brainstem grows into the spinal cord region it can block the circulation of spinal fluid causing numbness and fatigue and pain.

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Thank you again. I took him to his doctors appointment today. I asked her about parathyroid and she told me that she tested his thyroid and it came back being o.k. She is going to reffer him to Pediatric Rhumatologist at Emory Clinic.

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He is being reffered to a Pediatric Rhumatologist and I will ask him to test him for Cauda-Equina. I appreciate your help. I'll keep you up to date on how it goes.

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There are a couple of things that I would have your son checked for. First, Reflex Neurovascular Distrophy or RND. Second, Lyme Disease. Both of these can cause the kind of pain your son has. I would ask your family doctor for a referral to your nearest Children's Hospital ASAP. There is treatment available.

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