Recurring fever in children

My son has had recurring fever (102-103 for 4 or 5 days) since he was 8 months old and it happened every 29-30 days for the last 4 years!!!! he has NO OTHER SYMPTOMS!!!! nothing. he is almost 5 and stil there is no explaination. I did see a holistic doctor and he perscribed something called cytozine parotid which is essentially the saliva of animals. it came in the form of a pill and it it smelled like fruit. anyeay, I think it is a natura antibiotic. I really did stop the recurrence of the fevers for the last 3 months but now he seems to get a fever whenever he sleeps too late at night and when he is stressed or overtired. what can that be?? please if anyone as any imput, i would really appreciate it. by the way, we went to an allergist, an ENT, and a rhumatologist. nothing came of it. i would appreciate any imput.

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I suggest that you consider having your son evaluated by a geneticist. If you need a referral to genetics centers in your area, let me know what large cities are close to you and I will provide contact information.

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There was an article about a women who who had unexplainded high fevers, and it was a heritary condition because her mother was tested postive. I can't remeber the name but it was rare , heritary and diagnosed at Lahey Clinic in Burlington Mass , maybe you can check there. I am sorry I cannot remember the name, and the type of doctor I just remeber reading the article in the Spectrum(hospital news paper). It was in one of the waiting rooms

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Hi, It sounds like your child has FMF. This can be determined by a genetic test. I have fevers every month too and searched for 8 years as to why. I was finally diagnosed with familal mediterranian fever. Talk to your Dr. about FMF and ask that your son get tested (genetic test). My heart goes out to you and your son. If he is diagnosed with FMF he needs to start colchacine therapy ASAP. My son has it too. since this is a genetic disease, It usually effects people of Arminian, arab, Turkish, Italian and sephardic jewish decent. I dont know if you fall into any of those ethnic groups but I am fairly certain based on the symptoms you stated that this is what it is.

On a possitive note, as much as it sucks, it is not deadly.

let me know if you have additional questions.

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Your poor little boy! I so hope you find out what is wrong very soon. My heart goes out to you both, I also have a sick son, now 18 and know what a mother feels in such a situation. I have also had recurrent high fevers ofen 104+ all throughout my life since I was 4 but had other symptoms also and have 44 years later been diagnosed and treated for Behcet's disease. Does he maybe have symptoms that he regards as 'normal' because he has always had them? That is what happened in my case. It is very difficult as a young child who has known no other body experience to explain the symptoms.
I am not suggesting that he has Behcet's because I think FMF sounds a possibility since it is one of the things I read up on when trying to get help for myself. I take colchicine (amongst other things) and have found it an absolute miracle drug.
Please feel free to find out more from me.

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My son, had very high fevers from ages 6mo to 3 years, every 6-8 weeks that lasted 4-5 days. Can't remember the exact time as he is almost 17. With the assistance of a md pediatrician who was also a homeopathic doctor, I put him on echinacea and that did work on the fevers. It did not really help his symptoms which were allergy based. He had all of the allergy testing done twice (by an ent and an allergist). At about 9-10 years old, I figured out that he was allergic to red dye #40, which at the time was in all of the medicine which he was taking. His allergy testing did show low leveled allergies which did not require shots but I did do an exclusion diet for him, removing everything he was allergic to for months and reintroducing it very slowly. This took years to do. Today he is a very healthy young man planning to become a doctor. Good luck to you!

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