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I had radiation therapy for my orbits and legs in November, 07. Of course, I experienced swelling of my legs and feet. Problem is, it's been over three months and the swelling hasn't abated, especially in my feet. Have I just not given it enough time (I received 5 treatments on my legs)?
One reason I worry a bit is because I am getting three Interferon injections per week. Makes me worry a little about my kidneys. Then again, I'm getting monthly blood tests. So, I'm sure the docs would catch any problems like that quickly.

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I think swelling after radiation is quite common. Sometimes it takes a long time before it abates — and sometimes it won't. I had radiation therapy after a lumpectomy in 2002 and my breast still is much larger than before the therapy. I'm also having an odd kind of pain in the area. I'm told that both the swelling and pain probably will remain.

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