Pityriasis Rosea

My daughter has KT, she is 12
She recently started having a rash which the
doctor decribed as Pityriasis Rosea? Has anyone else had this...

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My daughter had this years ago. A nurse practitioner where I work diagnosed it after 3 doctors couldn't figure it out. It's a harmless rash, probably viral, and here's a link to tell you more about it:

The rash went away on its own and left no scarring.

Hope this helps!


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My 14 yr old daughter had this last spring, and it lasted about two weeks. It didn't look so good, but it didn't really bother her. We went on vacation and she got out in the sun and it got a little better, then I let her go to a tanning bed (not something I'd ever do for her). The tanning bed (3 minutes) and getting out in the sun healed her & it went away. Maybe worth a try.

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Had it as a teenager. Dr. said it was about the least harmful disease there is (just looks awful). Helps to keep it as dry as possible. Lotions only make it itch worse. Dr. gave me sunlamp treatments on my face to keep it off of there. Sunlight/sunlamp will make it go away faster. Good luck!

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I got diagnosed with it last year on december 23, 2008. It lasted four months and has recently went away. I first used a steroid cream which helped control it but once I was off the cream, it spread quickly. My dermatologist recommended me to go tanning on a bed which I've always been against. However, after three months of the rash, I had enough. I laid in the bed for approx. 20 minutes every day for about a week or so. It made the spots disappear for about a day and then the color of the rash turned brown and scabby. however, don't worry because in a few days, the spots slowly disappeared along with going out to the pool a lot. My rash never itched but I hear using lotions relives the itch. good luck!

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