Pain in Palms Bottom of Feet, Main Joints

Hi, I am a 47 year old woman in good health. About 6 years ago, I started having pain in the pads of my feet and palms of my hands. Over time, this progressed to pain in major joints such as hips, knees, etc. I have had the battery of rheumatoid testing done three times over the years, always with a negative result. The pain in my hands and feet can be described as stinging with tenderness or feeling of not much between the skin and bones. The pain is in the meaty parts of my hands and feet and hard rubbing and pressure helps for the moment. Am also having a feeling of loose knuckles on two of my fingers, always popping and painful when I put to much pressure on them. This has gotten much worse in the damp winter of Louisiana and will flair up in times of extreme stress. It is worse at night and when the weather changes. Two really good doctors have no diagnosis and I'm taking pain meds which I can't say help a lot. Would appreciate any thoughts, natural remedies, leads, etc. On top of this, am a chronic migraine suffer. Thanks for your replies.

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Boy I wish I could give you some help.... but I'm afraid the only thing I have to offer is empathy inasmuch as my symptoms are so similiar. Sometimes I feel as though my soles of my feet are going to explode. Oh, and the skin on my toes is constantly peeling off. In sheets of skin, it just sheds. After that, the soles feel better, like they can breathe again. I don't have the pain in the joints, but rather in the areas like my thighs, middle of forearms, miagrains too. Back in 2010 I had a year long cellulitis infection that started at my ear and ended up in my lower legs where they would swell to four times their normal size. Also 2010 I fell six inches and shattered my wrist requiring surgery/metal plate. Last week I fell off the sidewalk step and although I didn't break a bone, I caused a maor flare up of the inflammation which I instinctively feel has reactivated the cellulitis. Bad edema and severe pain in both legs. I also take pain meds though recently my pain doctor dropped me so I will have to find a new doctor SOON.
See, why I don't respond on these forums. I just end up whining. . I am so sorry and I will lift up your spirit for abundant blessings . Take care

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