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Hello everyone:) I have a 6 year old daughter that has just been diagnosed with HSP. So far she hasn't experienced any interference in her quality of life. However, I am trying to get as educated as possible for I can only assume that things may get much worse. I know that pain management and steroid treatments are the norm with HSP. But it seems (from what I've read) that even these steps aren't taken until there are extremely painful symptoms of HSP. So then, what can I do until we get to that point? Does anyone have any tried and true homeopathic treatments for symptoms? I was wondering if simple things like massage or range of motion therapies might aid in any of the purpura or swelling issues. Even better, does anyone know of natural remedies in everyday foods that might help? I want to keep Maddy strong even when her HSP isn't flaring up so we are better able to handle it when it hits hard. Any ideas are most appreciated, no worries...I plan to consult with our pediatrician before I try anything. Thanks!

Maddy's Mom

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I believe there are many homopathic treatments (herbal and accupuncture BIE). I believe in both if your not already on prednisone. The video of this BIE that I am currently receiving is http://members.oakvilledirect.info/The_Institute_Of_Natural_Health_Technolo gies-I/website.
My specialist has told me of many herbal remedies but I'm on a lot of prednisone so I cannot take them. There are specific ones for pain management, inflammation and so on. Please look into this before your child is placed on any of the western medications. I wish I did but now it's too late since I'm not allowed to mix herbal with my treatment plan.

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