erythroblastosis fetalis / fetal hydrops

I wanted to know it anyone is familiar with fetal hydrops pr hydrops fetalis. if anyone knows anything about this please let me know.

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My baby was diagnosed with fetal hydrops and a cystic hygroma when she was 14 wks. old. We did an amnio one week later and the results came back she was a Turner's baby with a complete chromosome missing. The Dr's gave her no chance due to the hydrops. They said there was a 100% chance of her dying anyway, and told us to abort, which we wouldn't do.

They monitored us closely, and about 3 weeks later, she was diagnosed with spina bifida as well. We just took it as one more sign she wasn't going to make it. So I was just waiting my whole pregnancy to go in for an appointment and to hear no heart beat and then be induced, etc.

Well, she is now 18 months old. At about 26 wks gestation, we went in for an ultrasound, and the fetal hydrops was just gone. At 36 wks, we had a C-section because of her spina bifida, and she spent 5 wks in the NICU. She has had two heart surgeries due to Turners, and two other surgeries due to spina bifida. She has had a TON of issues. When she was younger, like, birth to 10 months of age, she would cry and cry from about 5 in the evening until 7 or 8 every night. Just scream. She didn't and still doesn't eat too well and is just barely on the chart for her weight. She fell way off the charts there for a little while. We also just found out she has another issue called Abernathy Malformation. She is completely missing her hepatic portal vein. Her insides are really messed up, (big veins taking much different paths and organs shaped much differently) but somehow they have found a way to connect and to make her body work really pretty well. The Dr's said the hydrops didn't cause this, more likely, this caused the hydrops. But when she was in utero, her little torso was just huge with hydrops. It was like a little round ball with a head and arms and legs.

We prayed and prayed for a miracle and we were so blessed to recieve one. God has a plan for everyone and everything happens for a reason. I hope this gives hope and helps anyone who comes across this trying to make sense of a diagnosis of fetal hydrops. As one Dr. told me, 100% in medicine isn't always 100%. You have to just put it in the hands of the Lord and pray for strength to accept his will, whatever it may be.

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I was sent to the perinatologist due to an abnormal finding from my obgyn. I had the appointment today and learned that my baby has fetal hydrops or ascites in the abdomen. I am 27 weeks and scared to death. This pregnancy has not been what I was expecting..I had an amnio done earlier in pregnancy and it came back normal. He is testing me for cytomeglovirus because hydrops as well as echogenic bowel ( which was also found earlier) can indicate that virus. All I do is pray and pray and pray. After reading all of these stories my hope is decreasing. Dont know what else to say.. just feel really lost and completely ALONE.

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My daughter was born with hydrops and ccam. We were blessed to have her in our lives for 1 week. Has anyone heard of ccam? I do know that the 2 combined does not have a good outcome, but it the baby only has one of these conditions they have a really good chance. Gracie passed away Aug. 13, 2009 and I am 5 mo. pregnant now and am scared to death. Has anyone heard of this happening again??

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