I am a 34 year old female. I recently had a heart attack due to a bad reaction to a medication. I was in a coma for 13 days. I am at home now and everything is perfect. A miracle since all of my organs shut down. But I have foot drop and severe neuropathy in both feet. Does the pain ever get better. I can now walk with crutches, but when I walk my feet go 100% numb. When I take my shoes and braces off the pain starts. UGH! There has to be something that helps. I wear lidocaine patches on my toes during the day and take vicodin every 4 hours. Neither seem to bring relief. (It feels like there are live wire in my feet and when they touch ~ OHH MY!!) I don't know much about neuropathy, but from all of my research it does not seem that it goes away. Am I going to have this horrible pain for the rest of my life? I have 6 children ~ there has to be some kind of relief. IF anyone has any ideas I would be so greatful. I go tomorrow to see my neurologist that I have seen for many years for migraines. Will he be able to help? What other doctor would I see for this? I know lots of questions, but I am truly lost! AND IN SO MUCH PAIN!

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B-12. Check with your docs to make sure you can safely take B-12 but it does actually reduce neuropathy. You can also see a pain managment doc. I had foot drop and they eventually did a nerve block which left half my toes paralyzed but the pain went away and I was able to walk without a limp again. Caution the nerve blocks only last about 3-5 years so will have to be redone if they work. Good luck and keep the faith!

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Thank you for your help! I still have the pain and it is horrible! But I am trying to keep the faith, telling myself that it will get better! I am working very hard during my physical therpy sessions and do alot of exercises at home.

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I have no direct experience, but a friend of my wife's tried using a basic RITM scenar, sold by a company called Pain Genie out of England (web site:, and it seemed to help reduce the pain without meds, and those who teach scenar indicate that the Russians (where the device originates) have had some success with eventually having overall pain reduced. It is CE approve for sale for pain relief. The ex-demo units sell for 350 British pounds (go to the Ex-Demo link to see), which is less than the comparable RITM units sell for in the US. And it comes with a warranty and a basic training video on how to use.

There is other Scenars out there, some more automated, but basically all more expensive. One device that is made and sold in the US, using the Russian technology but apparenlty a bit more automated, and manufactured in Texas by Texas Instruments, is called the Avazzia (web site The list price is higher than the Pain Genie, but according to their site, they are FDA approved for sale claiming pain relief, and a number of insurance companies and even medicare will pay most of the cost of the device if proscribed by a doctor, and they have the forms on their site, and reference info to take into the doctor. This device is used by a number of the sports teams for injuries to their players to relieve pain and speed healing.

I also understand that low level resonating lasers have sometimes helped with this type of pain relief, as have some of the electro-magnetic pulse therapy devices.

This type of electronic medicine devices have no negative side effects, so if they don't help, at least they don't hurt. And from the sound of it, they often help. It makes sense since one of the reasons for a lot of problems is because damaged or injured cells lose electrons. These devices all help the body regain the electrons, and some improve micro-circulation, help the lymph drainage system, and even trigger creation of the body's own endorphins (natural pain killers).

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I actually work for Avazzia. TI does not have anything to do with Avazzia. However, most of the engineers, and the CEO are all ex-TI engineers. Tim Smith developed the 5400 series logic, and ran multiple divisions of TI.

We are FDA cleared for pain. We have a line of cheaper instruments that we can make no medical claims for. They have the same wave forms. We also sell ones for the veterinarian market. The units we have FDA clearance for are prescription units... The signals generated are identical to scenar units, but we developed our own circuitry and code to run the devices.

From personal experience , and NOT speaking for Avazzia, I know of at least two cases of diabetic nueropathy that have been successfully treated, and at least two legs that were scheduled for amputation were saved. And it *does* knock pain out. I have had carpal tunnel surgery. It was successful, and was in 1993/4. Now and then it threatens to start up again, but I can always relieve the pain. I also have a bad thumb joint that hurts a lot, and rotator cuff pain, both of which are eased or outright stopped. I've personally stopped severe muscle spasms in my wife and sister-in-laws feet and legs.

For ANIMALS, the vet products reduce/block pain, speed healing, heal burns quickly, reduce swelling, increase joint mobility, increase blood perfusion, and cause the release of endorphins.

The non FDA cleared ones are sold as bio-feedback massage therapy devices, and I don't think need a script.

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Thank you mugsy_google,

Thanks both for the correction as to the ownership of Avazzia (it sounds like the person I had heard it from must have misunderstood what they were told), for the extra information on the Avazzia units, and for the testimonies you personally know of from people who have been successfully treated for diabetic nueropathy. I had heard that they were good little units, but had not heard what the difference was between the units. I had heard that the Avazzia units had true scenar signals and alogrythms, but that they were more automated that Russian made scenars, which fits with what you said about having developed your own circuitry and code to run the units.

Do you know, or can you advise, if the cheaper ones (which are only sold as biofeedback massage therapy devices, and can make no medical claims) have all of the scenar alogrythms that the units that are FDA cleared for pain, or are they more limited for the built in modes availalable?

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I am a diabetic and have neuropathy in both feet. I take topamax and the pain is gone. My feet are still numb but the pain is gone. hope this helps.

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