DAO supplements

Do any/many of you use these supplements with meals and do you find them helpful? Logically it would make sense. I have purchased some and will experiment, the few times I did take them I seemed to have less of a reaction although it has only been a few isolated times so it may
be coincidental

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My functional Nutritionist in the Holistic MD's office suggested I try these but I am waiting to get all the lab results from Allergist/Immunologist before buying and trying DAO. Sterling Hill who I talked to about 23 and Me results said to buy from Swanson's for about $15, outrageously high from other companies.

Nutritionist said to take before meals.


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Thanks I too am waiting on results. Supposedly my doctor has all my results except genetic which will be by end of week.......so much want to know. I did 23and me but supposedly won't tell much about mastocytosis? They are processing mine so hopefully will know those results soon also. My doctor did the C-Kit specifically through quest labs. Labcorp also does it The DAO does seem to help I have read take 15 min before meal.

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