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I am Paul's wife. He has lost 30 lbs since hip replacement surgery in March. He was diagnosed with IPF at that time. The weight he is at 148 lbs is OK but I do not think he can afford to lose any more. Does anyone drink protein shakes. Is this a good idea? He will probably also need rotator cuff repair.
Thanks for the help

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Hi there,

Weight loss is typical with IPF. I lost a similar amount of weight due to IPF over a two year period mainly because it was uncomfortable to eat much and you burn more calories trying to breath. So went from 200ish to 155. I was not on 02 until March/13 when Mayo put me on it immediately after running a battery of tests. Once on oxygen, I could eat and not go into a cough etc. So I have since stabilized at 158. To stay there I make a smoothie every afternoon. I am listed for a Lung Transplant, and my team wants me to gain some more weight since the hospital stay will knock off 15 pounds (if I am lucky enough to be called). I have found that to be very hard to do while eating a healthy diet as well. That has been my experience so far, others may have different opinions.

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Hi Paul's Wife!

Here's a link to a very recent thread about unwanted weight loss:

http://www.inspire.com/groups/pulmonary-fibrosis-foundation-patients/discus sion/weight-loss-96/

Seems like most people who are losing weight due to IPF are using some supplemental nutrition shakes during the day to help get in more calories.

Best wishes,

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Thank you. This really helps

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I'm just the opposite, I have gained weight and am having a very hard time taking it off. I found out I have IPF in January of this year and been on oxygen from the beginning. I read a lot about people that lose weight, I don't understand why I keep gaining weight. My oxygen is on 2LPM and 3LPM when I exercise. I have had 2 back operations and both hips replaced within the last 5 years. I guess I didn't have any signs of IPF at that time. I don't know now if I would ever need surgery. Anyway, protein shakes should be good for your husband. This is such a terrible disease, and it seems like not much research is being done for it. Most everyone never even heard of it. I wish you both all the best of luck and prayers will be with you. God Bless!


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Thank you everyone. It is so good to know than we are not in this alone. Paul is very fearful of this disease because my sister Joan died from this. Her disease was caused by the antibiotic Macrodantin. It is used fur UTIs.

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My weight loss was intentional, after my diagnosis. I worked on losing 40 lbs., and have maintained the loss, over two years.

It is true that unintentional weight loss can occur due to pulmonary disease, the expenditure of energy to breathe, and the loss of appetite. Good luck to you, and Paul. As long as he can maintain a healthy weight, he should be fine.

Nutritional drinks are an excellent source of calories, and easier to consume than a meal, when eating is difficult.

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