Hemp oil as a possible treatment for IPF

Hi everyone,

I just signed up and I'm actually not a patient. My mother has IPF.

My question to everyone is: has anyone encountered or tried hemp oil to treat their idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis? It doesn't necessarily have had to be idiopathic, either, though that is what my mother has, since she was never a smoker.

There is someone on YouTube that posted a video about her using hemp oil for her PF and says it worked. She is not clear on the details, but I can only assume she meant it successfully removed the scarring, according to her medical exams, which she does not provide (understandably).

Does anyone have any experience with this? Dosage? Brand? Purity? Length of time to take?

My mother lives in Los Angeles, California.

Thanks everyone for your feedback in advance.

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As someone else on this site once said "if it was a real cure....everybody would know about it!". I am sorry about your Mom. This is tough for all of you. You have come to the right place for support, answers and sharing. Encourage your Mom check us out. You are a very good guy for trying to help your Mom. Take care and stay in touch.

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What is hemp oil and how do you use it. I would try anything at this point. I have IPF and it's very hard to deal with, I'm so depressed I can't think straight anymore. I have no desire to do anything. I know I should be moving around more. I really need to have some friends to talk to. Friends that have this terrible disease like me. I'm so scared.

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This is the comments that the YouTube video has: http://www.youtube.com/all_comments?v=0B6Rmf4NLOc

You can click on the video link itself at the top.

As far as her dosage, I will quote what she says on her YouTube comment:

"This is oil extracted from the Cannabis plant. I get mine from a medical marijuana dispensary here in California. I was taking 1 gram of oil everyday orally and smoking cannabis with a vaporizer three times a day." She said she did this for 3 months.

Of course, I am not a doctor, this is not advice. Consult with your physician first and foremost.

It worked for her, but there is no way to know under what circumstances it might have worked or could be reproduced.

She did say she smoked it which to me is not something I want my mother to do.

Anyway, I thought this 'treatment' would be more common. I guess nobody really has tried it. I have heard about hemp oil being good for other things, so here's hoping.

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You have come to the right place....you instantly have friends here. Post something you would like to ask or just support and you will get immediate responses.

Blooming Star,
I agree with your line of thought wholeheartedly.....Are you still doing the salt inhaler?

Steven 2013,
There are so many good clinical trials and other items that could be of some real help to your Mom, such as NAC. Just about everyone on this site takes it or has tried it. I hope she has a good pulmonologist first and foremost. I'd save this as a last ditch effort, since inhaling hot smoke into the lungs seems counterintuitive to me.

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I checked, there are a lot of "companies" selling hemp oil. They could have put out a bogus video to sell their products. I am sorry. I truly believe that if it were true PF would be cured already.

There are some good ideas in the above posts. This disease is tough! Keep coming back for support and information sharing! Your Mom is lucky to have you!

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Thanks for your feedback, everyone.

She has taken NAC. We've tried quite a few things. She does have a good pulmonologist who she visits often.

Just kind of running out of options at this point. She's had it for a few years now, if memory serves.

I live an evidence-based life. I let science guide me, but like I said, options are becoming limited, and I am an agnostic first and foremost.

Thanks, again.

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i don't know about hemp oil helping, but i do think marijuanna is grossly misunderstood for it's possible medicinal purposes. i wouldn't suggest smoking it, but baking it into cookies or brownies might be helpful. i used to me a heavy pot smoker, which only one out of the many numerous doctors i saw believed that might have contributed to my pulmonary fibrosis. i did give up smoking, but admit to allowing myself to slip twice a year, for my birthday and the december holidays. i am doing good and my PF has not progressed in almost 9 years. i attribute that more to a healthier lifestyle, a really positive attitude, and staying active. if i had the finances, i would be eating a pot-laced cookie every day.

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Geico, I really have to ask who are we if not folk who can be your friends who you can talk to who have this disease?

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Steven2013, I have to agree with Blitz "beware of the snake oils that are sold by your local scammer." so to speak.

I get that this disease is devastating news for anyone to hear, I wouldn't want my pet to have it let alone any human loved one, especially my Mom. I don't think doctors are so callous nor researchers so ignorant as to let so many people die without a cure when something as simple as Hemp oil would do the trick.

For any "cure" in a person I want to see the before and after CT Scans, Xrays and reports. Show me from Missouri. I want some too.

Please forgive me if I sound sarcastic or insensitive or offensive that is not my intent. While we wish this horrid disease did not exist, we are intelligent and thinking people who investigate every bit of information we come across. For many of us the research which has helped us become more knowledgeable about this disease is what has given us the peace of mind.

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Gorilla gal ...a true child of the seventies!! ;-D. Sorry that your youth caught up with you! Funny thing is, I am your age. I have just been diagnosed. I told my husband "Damn, I never smoked pot(well I tried it once!). If I would have known my lungs were gonna give out I would have!". So maybe drifting through your youth didn't hurt your lungs after all . Eat a cookie for me when you get the chance.

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Hi Blooming Star, I read what you wrote on the power of thought and I agree 500%. Mind, body connection and always have trust in the unseen, that is where miracles come from. Thank you for sharing such truth. - Joseph

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Try snake oil. It works every bit as well as hemp oil, I promise you.

Seriously: I have been reading the research on PF for several years - and research on statins as well, since they are what gave me the PF (I have the radiologic evidence). Since the cause of my PF is known, it is not idiopathic ( meaning of unknown origin), and my particular PF does not progress unless the causative factor is present, or at least that is how it has been with me so far.

That said, I can read research with understanding because I have a research background, doctoral level. I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is no cure for PF. Once cells have become fibrotic, they stay that way. The best that can be done is to find a means of stopping or at least of slowing down the progression of the disease, and science is working on that. There also needs to be more work on how to deal, medically, with other lung disorders which may be coexistent with the PF.

I feel very sorry for your mom. My sympathies to all of you. As a person on supplemental oxygen 24/7, I promise you I would leap with joy if I could have my normal life back - but after 15 years of being off statins and not knowing that a year on Pravachol caused my PF back in 1994, I was persuaded by a clueless doctor in 2009 to take Simvastatin, which I did for a year and now here I am with my oxygen tube and my canula. I wish I could have a do-over on the statins, but I can't. The best I can do is keep my energy level up, which I do by taking CoQ10 in the form of ubiquinol (CoQ10 is an enzyme which the electron chain of the mitochondria needs in order to function and make ADP, which is energy, but which senior bodies don't make enough of).

The fact that PF is incurable has created great opportunity for the quacks to move in. There's big bucks to be made out of human misery and desperation. Don't let yourself or your family get hoodwinked. Please! If your mom needs supplemental oxygen, be sure she uses it. It's one of the best things she could do for herself.

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Doubt that hemp oil would help, unless you inhaled it to get high, and forget your troubles. Maybe we could all get medicinal marijuiana!!!

Once the lungs are scarred, there's no way to change that. Scars, anywhere on, or in the body, do not go away. Guess, if they are on the skin, you can have them surgically altered. There is Bio-Oil, and Mederma, on the market, to minimize the appearance of scars, but they do not remove scarring.

We, and anyone with a serious illness, searching for "miracles", are a target for unscrupulous vultures.

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Steven, Have you tried to get your mother in to an IPF specialist at UCLA. You live in Temple City and have one of the best centers close to home.

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Venturahighway, yes. She has been going to UCLA for over a year now.

Our numerous family members have all researched it as well. I'm not sure it has anything to do with it, but we have degrees and are capable of reasoning and thinking logically. We haven't 'lost it'. So, Condoline, I appreciate your words, but please know all of us are in the same boat here and are beyond science, as the doctor who gave you the wrong stuff that worsened your condition is proof of.

Yes, she is on an oxygen tank 24/7. She is elderly. We have too many things to mention here, so I'll save everyone the details.

Anyway, this lady on YouTube posted another follow-up video, in case anyone is interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SG312GSMjM&feature=youtu.be

Condoline, also, just so you know, nobody is making 'big bucks' from marijuana oil. If anything, it is the pharmaceuticals that do. This lady gets her stuff made by some person, not some organisation or corporation tied to a pharma giant. I am familiar with corporate ethics and amoral business practices, especially so here in the United States. So, thank you for reminding all of us and helping everyone be more conscientious of that.

We have heard of other people use marijuana oil with great results for other conditions, such as skin cancer and arthritis, and no, it does not give them a high. So, I was wondering what it effects it may have on IPF patients.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. And rest assured, we would not be talking about marijuana oil if we hadn't tried almost everything science can already offer after thorough research.

All the best to all of you.

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There ARE companies making money off of selling hemp oil. As you alluded to in your letter, you have no idea where to get it. Google it, or go to a health food store. There are plenty of companies willing to sell it to you. Try it and let us know if it works. You say that you are driven by proof...someone has to try it when there is no proof.

You are coming across a tad bit abrasive, I will chalk that up to your despair over your Mother's condition. Please understand...you came to this site for helpful feedback. That is what people here are attempting to give you.


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the problem is that there has not been enough studies done on the medicinal uses (or anything else) regarding marijuana. they should just leagalize the stuff--because prohibition never worked, taxed the s&^t outta it, and do the damn studies.

so says the former pot head.

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You may well be right. Personally, I feel that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, or cigarettes!!! The legal system would save money, and time, dedicated to mj arrests, charges, and imprisonments, and government would gain tax revenue.

Had a home care patient, many years ago, who smoked pot till the end of her life. (she had lung cancer).

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You may well be right. Personally, I feel that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, or cigarettes!!! The legal system would save money, and time, dedicated to mj arrests, charges, and imprisonments, and government would gain tax revenue.

Had a home care patient, many years ago, who smoked pot till the end of her life. (she had lung cancer).

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I too think that either cigarettes, cigars or alcohol are far more dangerous than marijuana---and we are missing the boat when we don't legalize pot and take advantage of its therapeutic properties. Many, many years ago,when I was a home health care administrator, we had an elderly, retired MD who contracted a staph infection in her total hip replacement. She was in intractable pain and the infection didn't respond to antibiotic therapy. Her surgeon prescribed marijuana to be used prn. She used it in a tea, in cookies and brownies, and was comfortable and awake and aware. The same thing could not be said about the strong narcotics that had been used to unsuccessfully treat her pain.


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