Mother May I?

Sometimes, we all need a little coaching. What happens when the life coach is your mom? Discuss Discovery Health's newest show, Mother May I, and your take on the life coach experience.


23 and total of five under five

  • By JaypFamily88 · Posted August 24, 2012
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  • I'm 23 years old And between my soon to be husband and I we have five children under five...OMG janiyah 4jayden3 Jameire2Jordan2 and jalena9 months None of which are twins...OK after jalena we took on ...

Genetic Testing & CORDS...rare disorders for Children!

  • By Pox1 · Posted February 4, 2012
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  • I was born with Congenital Varicella Infection/Syndrome....this was in 1972. At that time there was no quarentine unit and my mother & I both infected had to go home while I went through chicken pox at ...


  • By shanell29 · Posted June 26, 2011
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  • Ive had my tubes tied 7yrs ago and i was told that after 5yrs i should be able to have another... so why cant i get pregnant ...

Do you have to have symptoms of pregnancy to be pregnant?

  • By Christan · New reply June 4, 2011
  • 2 replies
  • Do you have to have symptoms of pregnancy to be pregnant? OTHER, than a missed period ...

my life

  • By lamaria · New reply October 24, 2010
  • 1 reply
  • hi my name is lamaria n i was on depo for 6 months my last shot was in may 10 2010 i got my first shot in december 18 of 09 n im trying for a nother baby n havnt got pregnant yet tha depo is out of my ...

I think that i am pregnancy

  • By MIRACLEANI · New reply October 21, 2010
  • 2 replies
  • I think that I am pregnancy and the doctors will not help me ...

possibly preg

  • By ArmyGf81608 · Posted June 19, 2010
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  • I'm 18 years old and the fiance of a military man. I turn 19 in about 2 months and am currently waiting on my period. I've had one m/c back in sept. which was really hard to deal with. I'm trying not ...

Nausea & Back Pain

  • By Miller919 · New reply May 28, 2010
  • 2 replies
  • Ever since May 22, 2010 I have been feeling very nauseous at night, as well back pains. This is the first time I've ever felt this way. Can someone tell me why i may be feeling this way ...

How before I can find out if Im pregnant?

  • By countrychick0922 · New reply May 5, 2010
  • 5 replies
  • I was hoping someone could help me, My boyfriend and I began having sex and he refuses to wear protection. I am on birth control and someone told me that if I am on birth control I dont have to worry ...


  • By GELA2421 · New reply March 12, 2010
  • 2 replies

whatchya call it?

  • By missesprego18 · New reply December 11, 2008
  • 3 replies
  • I just had my first baby and don't want to have another in awhile, and i heard about this small plastic tube like thingy that you can have put in your fallopian tubes and it prevents pregnancy a little ...

Can you have a child without starting your period after depo shot

  • By Christine2008 · New reply November 22, 2008
  • 2 replies
  • I was wondering if its possiable to concieve a child if u havent started ur period after the depo shot ...

Its that time...My son needs braces

  • By ginger772 · New reply September 12, 2008
  • 1 reply
  • I want to get braces for my son. Does anyone know if teens really care about the difference between traditional metal braces or the porcelain braces? I'm pretty sure porcelain braces cost alot more than ...

what to eat when breasfeeding???

  • By missesprego18 · New reply August 23, 2008
  • 8 replies
  • they told me at the hospital to not eat cauliflower or onions when breastfeeding to prevent bad gas, so I've stayed away from those, but my little guy still has trouble passing gas, so I'm wondering if ...

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