wish i could have another baby

I had my tubes tied 7 yrs ago and can't stop thinking did i do the right thing i have one son who is know 13 was 2 when his dad and i parted ways i meet my hubby about a year later and we had a 2 boys that are know 10-7 know we have been married for 10 yrs have a home and both work sounds like a good life but i have had this dream or feeling of wanting a baby girl i hoped that a least one of the boys would have been a girl but nope i can't get this feeling to go away i don't have the money to have my tubes undone and i don't know how good my change of having a girl is Has anyone ever had this and what is the best way to overcome this?i pray to god to bless are family with a little girl but maybe this is just a dream....

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