Well, I think Alice is teething. She went from being her normal happy go lucky to just outright crying and crying. It was a cry she hasnt made before. She has been taking these little 5-20 minute little naps recently and not napping as well as she used to and wants to nap on me or something warm. I am way to nervous about a heating pad because she may become too warm. Her sleeping schedule has been off as well. Not sure how my FM, RA, and depression are going to get through this but I know I can. Its just so heart wrenching when I have given her pain meds..snuggled her and so much more and cant get her to not cry or be upset. I hold her and tell her that I love her and mommy is right here and I sing to her which seems to be helping so far. Just so unsure why these crying episodes are happening or what is upsetting her. Hope its just teething and not a phase. Any ideas or advice will be helpful. I don't use orajel nor will I ever because it is dangerous to infants in my eyes medically. It has a numbing agent and can cause a baby to be unable to breathe and can get caught in their throat any other ideas other than teething rings or whiskey is appreciated.

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