I finished 94 lbs down U CAN DO IT!!!

Back in April 2010 I started journaling about my weight loss journey. I started a blogsite, joined here and off I went. But some people can be real butholes!!! People dogged me for talking about God for talking about HCG but I kept going. I started on hcg, for one month I took the drops and ate 500 calories and did everything they said but only lost 15 pounds in 21 days. Then I changed the plan to fit my lifestyle and the weight literally fell off! I 9 months I lost 94 pounds. From April 2010 to August 2011 and I have kept it off to this day January 19, 2012. I am leaner, thinner, finer than I was in high school and I am almost 36!

What's my point? Don't let anything or anyone stop you from accomplishing your goals! No matter what! You tell them HATERS to watch you become a better you! I did you and you can too!!!

What did I do? I know that's the next question all I did was eat what I liked the way my body could burn it. I am not telling you this to get hit up with inbox messages, but if you want me to help you I sure will!!! I didn't have anyone in my corner and that worked for me, but it was extremely hard and I was extremely dedicated.

To get what you never got you have to do what you've never done so it does require hard work, extra money because eating right is expense, and a good support team is stellar!

Coach T,
Life/ Wellness Coach of ME first

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