Well Hey everyone. I know it has been a while again and I dont post on here as much as I probably should. I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and New Year. Alice is 6 months and 16 days. We have been struggling recently with an upper respiratory infection. Its been a toll on Alice and myself. My insomnia has been more than usual and my depression seems to be in a downward spiral. I feel my life crashing all around me. I want to be happy and loved but my boyfriend and Alice's daddy seems like he wants to not move forward with our relationship or propose. I try and talk to him about living together but that gets me no where. I know what I signed up for in this relationship with him having a pampered life where anything he wanted was practically given to him. His mom has come around a lot since I have had Alice and we are friends now and that would have never happened if it was not for Alice. She doesnt think we should get married and has never really told me why. I also dont want to ask her and make her mad at me. My boyfriend is a full-time college student and I know how hard that can be and then adding an infant to the mix I am sure is not easy. I just dont know if I can keep waiting for him to make a move. I know he doesnt want to make his mom mad for she is paying for his education but I think that he needs to take on his own responsibilities as well and make Alice and I happy too. His dad's family absolutely adores me and now his mom has come around, I really dont know what more he needs to commit to me more than he is. He is asking me to wait for him, is it so wrong to want to be engaged while I wait for him?

Alice is getting so big and moving around and very active considering she is a premie and 1 month younger than her actual birth date by gestation. She is cooing and wants so badly to have a conversation. She is also teething and that hasnt been easy but I do try and make the best of it even with all of my medical problems. I am hoping she either talks or crawls soon! I am looking forward to Christmas and the New Year as it is our 1st Christmas with Alice. I posted photos of her in her Christmas dress on my photobucket and you can find some on my instagram stream. The photos of Alice are also for public viewing on my Facebook.

I just wanted to update everyone and spill some stuff I have been going through recently. I hope you all have a very safe and Merry Christmas and New Year!

Love Always,
Ashley and Alice

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