7 months

Alice is now 7 months. Had a mild croup right before Christmas. She got over that and is healthy as ever!! She is looking like she will walk before she crawls. She can be stood up and put next to a sofa and will stand up with and hold herself up on the sofa. She is getting so big so fast. It feels like it is going by so fast as well. She is starting to finally cut a tooth after 3 months of major drooling and doctors telling us for the past 3 months that she should be cutting teeth soon!! She is sitting up like a champ with no props what so ever and will sit and play with toys. My FM has been up and down with the stresses with my relationship and other life stresses. I have been looking at moving and that is not going to be easy but it has to be done. There is led based paint in her room and I didnt know about it and the landlords stated that there was none. Good thing I know landlord tenant laws. I have had some other issues. I had to get my IUD removed for it was causing uterine problems and irritation. It has still been hurting a lot and the IUD gave me a bad vaginal infection that I have to take pills for the next 8 days and they had to flush me out. No fun! Alice has recently learned how to use a jenny jump and it is so fun to watch her jump herself silly. Sorry for not updating sooner. The holidays where crazy!

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