6th January 2013

so its been just over 3weeks since i had the lovely Jasmine and she has acid reflux which is making mummy very tired, sadly the relationship between myself and the Jasmines father has ended due to him changing his mind on settling down so means for the last 2 weeks i have been bringing her up by myself. which im very proud that i have done it all and not used my parents for anything. my hips are still bad which makes waking up at night very painful! but due to her reflux she has kind of been sleeping with me, i know its really bad to sleep with a baby but after 3 hour of screaming and the only thing that will settle her is being held tight i gave up!

i have been bad and been ignoring the fact i have an infection starting but the tube is due to be changed in a weeks time and its not half as bad as when i was pregnant.

hope everyone had a good christmas and new year xx

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