26th november

sorry its taken so long, i had the tube changed and now im back to pain free when the nurse did it she said it was really nastey looking so im glad i only waited 3 days and not 3 weeks!
anyway i got a letter today saying i needed to repeat some tests to see if the infection is still there (which we know it is) but didnt tell me how to treat it so yet again im ringing around the doctors trying to get some answers and no luck!
also where they took me off the iron tablets my iron levels have gone stupidly low which means all i can do is sleep! funny enough when they did my bloods again the midwife got panicy and put me back on them but has not given me the script to get the iron tablets or told me where to pick them up from like she said she would!

oh and on one last note my medical company messed up my order and i asked for ONE pack of mefix (like a sticky tape to put over dressings) and sent me 20! so i have tons! not sure i have even used 5 boxes in the last 3 years! :S

also the baby is doing well, still there having her hicups and keeping me up all night! due date is coming up quickly but hope she stays in a little longer as we are still decorating the house!

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