19th dec

Jasmine Ella came into this world on the 15th December and is doing great at home.

so i only went in with a kidney infection and the day before i was being let home my waters broke! wow what a strange feeling like a balloon poppin inside me, i have never seen so much water come from a person even the nurses were impressed with me! after a 2 day wait they induced me due to the risk of infection which was hell ! 18 hours of me begging for a c-section because of the pain was so bad and at 1am i got rushed into have a c-section as Jasmine was not getting enough o2, very scary think it really hit me laying on the table and hearing the doctors bleep go off 'peds crash call in theater 1' knowing i was in theater 1, but luckily she came out and came round after 5mins of holding her breath! and we are home and recovering well. and best thing is my bladder feels amazing, will try and get a photo of her up

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