Toddler with Insomnia???

I am getting desperate for opinions on what I should do. My daughter is 2 yrs old. For the most part, she is healthy. In the beginning, she was VERY colicky!! (sp?) The first 8 months or so were miserable. She also has been diagnosed with Neurovascular Spasms, meaning, at any point in time, she can turn purple or blue on her feet, and it sometimes creeps up her body... She doesn't have anymore of those episodes anymore. But when she did have those episodes, she also had, (almost ALWAYS) very explosive and painful dirty diapers. I thought there was a connection.. Maybe she was filling up with bowel, and it pinched a blood vessel, and then she passed it, it was over. Dr's of several different kinds disagreed.
She is still a very EMOTIONAL and CRANKY, and for lack of a better word, bitchy baby.. I love my daughter. And try to the best of my ability to not lose it, because it's not her fault. But I am getting tired, and I also want answers as to WHY she won't sleep.
She has slept thru the night aprox 20 or 30x since birth... 365 x 2 yrs, minus 20 or 30... Thats not normal.
She has dark circles around her eyes all the time. Has what I consider a 'pouchy' belly. We are trying to consider it being a milk allergy, and have swapped her to soy.
I'm just scared that I am overlooking something...
Please HELP! If you have any suggestions, I will try it. Have questions, I'll answer it the best I can. THANKS!!

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