Seizure AFTER birth!

Has anyone had this happen? I was induced, and about 1 hour after giving birth, and my doctor left thinking I was fine, I had a seizure! I had never had a seizure before.
After giving birth to my baby girl, they took her to another room, and brought in my dinner, I felt normal, was enjoying the dinner, had taken about 3 bites, and soon my right arm started to shake, I looked over at it, and I thought "oh it's the after birth shakes,, I guess its happening again, my father in law asked if I was okay, and I wanted to say "oh ya, I'm fine!" before I could utter the words my jaw locked, and the room was starting to go black, I heard everyone yelling, "oh my god get the doctor,,, nurse!! nurse!! ""Where's the call button!!" Then I thought I was gone. Later I woke, and I wasn't sure where I was, what happened, and when my husband stood over me, I thought, "aww, he's really cute, he's crying, he must really care.." It took me a few minutes to really gather my thoughts, and I didn't want to say "who are you" I knew I should know who this was. Everything was a little hazy afterwards. They asked me what an epidural was, and I knew I should know, but could not answer the question. My blood pressure was extremely high for a few months after having my daughter. I tried to take it easy. Then one day back to normal, I had always had excellent blood pressure until I got pregnant. Now I'm 4 months pregnant again,, I'm nervous this could happen again, or something worse. Has this happenend to anyone else?

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did you have high blood pressure during your pregnancy?

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Sounds like you had what they call a eclamptic seizure. You have all the signs of one. I think you might had been suffering from preeclampsia which is
a rapidly progressive condition characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine. Swelling, sudden weight gain, headaches and changes in vision are important symptoms; however, some women with rapidly advancing disease report few symptoms. And since you are expecting again I definitely think you should tell your doctor about your medical history so they can keep an eye on your pregnancy.

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