Pregnant with a copper iud in place

I just wanted to share with everyone that I did a HPT this morning after being approx 11 days late for my period and it came back a clear positive!

I have a paragard copper iud in place and i am aware of the risks of miscarriage if they take it out. I am booked in on Tues to have it removed as the 50/50 stress in 2nd trimester is too scary. I do hope they can find the strings though.

I will let you all know what happens and was very shocked to learn this as I have two sons that are 17 months apart. They are nearly 4 and 2.5 years. I am 28 BTW and live in Australia.

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good luck with the removal. I hope everything goes well.

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Just an update, I went in yesterday to have the iud removed and low and behold, they could not find the strings. I have 2 options, it could have moved into the uterus or I could have expelled it. When I had the strings checked in Jan, he said the iud had moved up slightly, but it was nothing to worry about as the iud was still in place. Have had no spotting or bleeding and have an ultrasound today to see if it is still there or if I expelled it.
I will keep you all posted.

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Hay mindy,

Just wanted to now if everything went ok with the ultrasound? I have been thinking about you.

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I am almost 30 weeks pregnant with the copper IUD. I found out I was pregnant with the bloodwork that I had to have done before routine surgery. My IUD was in place for 4yrs! I am 33 and have 6 children.. (almost all of which were conceived on some form of birth control). I spent the first few weeks scared out of my mind at the 50/50 chance that I would lose the baby.. I was only 5 weeks along when I found out. They couldn't see the strings... so my husband and I decided to leave the IUD (we didn't want them to dig around further risking miscarriage) The ultrasound showed the IUD still in place in the cervix so they just kept a close eye on it...every two weeks. We decided early on if this baby was meant to be than it will be. I made myself crazy, crying and researching others with this same problem. There were so many horror stories.. I just had to leave it all behind and stay healthy MIND and body. I kept myself very busy.. (not hard with six other kids to care for and a masters degree in the works) this time has just flown by! So I am 7 weeks till my c-section baby is doing well and IUD is still in place... this time I'm getting my tubes tied! Good luck! Feel free to ask me any questions... the doctors dont really tell you much... and I called the paragard company who was even more tight lipped! lol Of course every experience will be different... but I can tell you all that I know from my own experience!

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hello there, i wish you the best if luck wit your pregnancy and just have faith in god that it will all qo well. I've had the copper IUD for 3 yrs now and never had problems wit bienq late , my period always came on time but veryy heavyy ! if it was late it would only take a few days to come . BUT for the last month i been late. my last period ws april 7th, 2010 ; only lasted 4 days and wasnt as heavy as usual , and for the last 3 yrs it was always 7 days lonq & very heavy. im a 0ver a mnth late & took a preg. test on may. 28th cuz ive noticed that ive been havinq cravinqs & my body feels different, but it came out neqative. has anyone had an experience like this ?

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