Pregnant but negative HPT's???

What are the chances of being approximately 3 weeks late for your period, having negative home pregnancy tests and still being pregnant? Has this ever happened to anyone???

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it has happened to me twice. I went to my doctors office for a pap and did a blood work to see if i was pregnant or not. the results from the test was a neg. but was actually 3wks when they did my pap. i found out that i was pregnant when i was 6wks along with my second. with my first i had two showed up neg. so i did roller costers and drinking and when i missed my period i was 13wks along. i didnt know i was b/c i had my period for two months into my pregnancy with him. and it is really hard to test positive if your that early so i would wait a week. thats is what i do just to make sure. good luck. and if your pregnant congrats

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Thanks. I've taken about 9 tests over the course of about 2 weeks and they are all negative. I'm now on CD55 and no period, no nothing. I have a doc appt friday so i guess i'll just have to wait and see.

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